When packing for your next festival experience, it may be tempting to bring along every possible item in case you need it. But sticking to the essentials will guarantee more comfort and mobility as you explore and experience all the festival attractions. 

If you hope to take along your favourite vape pens, it is essential to check the festival organisers’ rules and regulations to ensure they are not on the prohibited list. 

The Perfect Bag

Depending on the type of festival you are attending and how many people you are going with, bringing the right bag can make or break your experience. If you are attending a campground event, pack your things in either a waterproof bag or a durable and easy-to-wash backpack should the conditions deteriorate due to weather. 

To carry your valuables, a small crossbody and waist bag will be a great option to keep your belongings close without sacrificing the usage of your hands. Some festivals require your bag to be see-through for safety reasons, so be sure to check if this is required. 

The Right Shoes

You will never be able to enjoy your festival experience if you feel uncomfortable throughout your time there. Choosing a comfortable pair of shoes that can withstand long days of walking, standing, and dancing will be the answer to your prayers. 

You may be tempted to wear your favourite sandals or flip-flops, but close-toed shoes will be a better option for festival environments and the many potential hazards you may encounter. Choose a lightweight, easy-to-clean option to make life simpler. 

Mini First-Aid Kit

You will never attend a festival without a first-aid tent, ready to tackle any medical issue that may arise. But this tent is responsible for the well-being of all festival goers, and seeking assistance with minor cuts and scraps could be a lengthy process you would rather avoid. 

A fully stocked mini first-aid kit will allow you to handle any minor issues like cuts, blisters, sprains, headaches and allergies. Ensure you remove prohibited items, like scissors, safety pins and tourniquets, to avoid hassles with the organisers. 

Plan for the Weather

The weather is very unpredictable. And the last thing you want is to be caught out with the wrong clothing options should the weather turn at your next festival. If cold or rainy weather is in the forecast, pack a light jacket or poncho to keep you dry and warm. 

For hot weather, a protective sunhat and sunglasses will protect your face from the harsh sunshine. Many advise always to be protected from wet weather, so pack a light rain jacket regardless of the weather forecast. Many outdoor venues tend to get colder at night, so a hoodie or jersey will be a worthwhile inclusion in your luggage. 

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Sunburns can quickly ruin your festival experience and could become potentially life-threatening, depending on the severity. Packing a high-SPF sunscreen should be at the top of your essentials list and used on your face, arms and any other exposed skin at least 15 minutes before heading out into the sun. 

You should reapply it at least every two hours to stay protected, especially if you are active. Additionally, bug spray can be a handy addition for outdoor festivals to keep mosquitoes and other nasty bugs far away. 


Packing wet wipes and a face cloth will serve you well throughout the festival alongside your typical toiletries like deodorant, toothpaste and brush, and any other items you may need. You can use them to cool off when the temperatures start to get unbearable, and should the festival grounds lack showers, they can be used to freshen up, at least temporarily. 

Be aware that wet wipes can’t be flushed, so ensure you properly dispose of them after use, either in the rubbish bins provided or via a small garbage bag you bring along yourself. 

Water & Non-Perishable Snacks

Packing your own non-perishable snacks will save you money and ensure you never go hungry, regardless of the food the festival offers. This is partially useful for camping and multi-day events. Items like energy bars, dried fruits, crackers, and pre-packaged snacks that won’t spoil will all be excellent choices. 

To make a more environmentally friendly selection, bring a reusable water bottle that can be filled around the festival grounds as you need it. However, it is vital to ensure there are water points that provide clean and safe water for consumption. If this is not the case, bottled water that can be stored in your tent is your next best choice.  

Power Bank

Spotty reception and plenty of video and photograph taking will quickly drain your phone’s battery. So packing a power bank is another essential you won’t want to leave behind. 

Make sure your chosen power bank will keep you connected throughout your time away, and don’t forget to bring your charging cable along, too. 

Emergency Cash

In today’s electronic world, many vendors will likely accept credit or debit cards. Still, festival grounds often have very limited or no access to ATMs, so bringing along a small stash of emergency cash can help with flexibility and be used should you lose your belongings or bank cards. You may never need your emergency cash, but having it is worthwhile.