This Canadian festival celebrates all the beer-loving ladies out there. 

The very quirky Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, that proudly supports craft beer that is locally brewed and take pride in introducing the attendees of their events, or ‘bevy’ as they like to call it, to phenomenal brewskis. They have dedicated much time and effort into creating and hosting immersive events for beer loving women all across the country. Usually, the Society meets up every month in secret locations which are disclosed only two days prior to the bevy. This wonderful association is now hosting Canada’s very first beer festival for and by women.

This craft beer festival festival is being held in the honour of their 25th bevy and promises to be everything a beer enthusiast could ask for, with local Toronto beers, excellent food, and much more. Tickets are priced at 30$, as of now. You can head to the Society’s website for more details about this festival!