The days are near but the surprises keep coming our way!

The highly anticipated Magnetic Fields Festival is getting closer with the event taking place over the weekend from the 9th to the 11th of December in Rajasthan’s Alsisar Mahal. But it seems that the organisers have much more in store that they have given us a look into.

Dutch DJ, Cinnaman, will be joining the Red Bull Music Academy North Stage and will be replacing Baris K in the process. Amsterdam-based Cinnaman a.k.a. Yuri Boselie has been a prominent figure in the Amsterdam music scene and has been a part of the Rush Hour Records team for a long time. He is well-known for his fast moving house and techno music and will definitely make the festival goers groove to his tracks.

(Credits: Magnetic Fields Festival)


Joining a list of collaborators that includes Pulse & Bloom and Vaayu Vision Collective, is Beyond Within’  – a 360-degree Virtual Reality experience. What makes it special is that it comes complete with spatial audio that takes you from the familiar surface of Earth to the universe and within the fascinating universe that exists inside living beings. This has been conceptualised and designed by Mumbai-based motion design studio Tessellate and electronic artist Spryk who has also composed the background score for the same. This five minute experience is going to use VR headsets to take participants into the depths of human existence and beyond. Sounds quite cool, right?

Clothing brand DIESEL will be joining hands with the festival to create a secret Purple Night at the venue along with a kite-flying tradition that is staple at the event. Invisible Flock, an interactive arts organisation from Leeds, will be replacing Helm Social Design Studios at Magnetic Words with hybrid work that have given them the status of being “real innovators.”

The event will be hosting parties, both before and after the festival, in various cities of India, starting with Mumbai on the 7th of December at antiSOCIAL, followed by Delhi on the 13th at bhane Store and also on the 14th and 16th at antiSOCIAL while the final party will be held in Bangalore on the 13th at The Humming Tree.

So what if you don’t get to attend the festival, the parties have a great line-up including artists like Dorian Concept, Sound Traveller, Napoleon Gold, Livin’ Proof, Burudu, Zokuma, Pinch, Delhi Sultanate and Sarathy Korwar. Make sure you check them out or buy the tickets for the festival now.