M. I. A. was removed from Afropunk Festival’s lineup after her allegedly sensitive comments over the entire ‘Black Lives Matter’ discussion, in a statement on Afropunk’s Instagram page.

The decision was announced after she was quoted saying “It’s interesting that in America the problem you’re allowed to talk about is Black Lives Matter,” in an interview back in April with the Evening Standard.

Apparently, the uproar over what she said was so much that Afropunk was forced to remove her from their coveted headlining spot, and look for a new headliner.

Here’s the Instagram post with their official statement on the matter:

M. I. A. wasn’t silent on the matter either. She took to Twitter to express her displeasure over her removal from the lineup, and the plight of 65 million refugees at the same time.

Well, this isn’t half as bad as what happened to Ten Walls or what’ll probably happen to Hippie Sabotage and DVBBS in the future, but we hope we see some more M. I. A. shows in the future.

As for Afropunk, there’ll be a new headliner, and you’ll get to know on July 19.