Submerge have regrettably announced the Swiss DJ’s inability to tour India come end of the month.

Techno daddy Luciano will not be touring India this month due to unforeseen circumstances, submerge announced on their Facebook page last evening. Disheartening news considering he was one of the most anticipated acts to kick off 2014.

Their official statement indicates the tour has been rescheduled rather than cancelled. Luciano himself dedicated a special message to the Indian audience apologizing for his absence and urging the fans that he and the submerge crew are working tirelessly for a rescheduled date for his arrival.

The deep house technician was scheduled to tour India on the 31st of January, 1st & 2nd February, the venues standing unannounced. The Sherp certainly hopes the submerge crew can work out a rescheduled appearance by the Swiss DJ soon. More updates on this coming soon.