Nucleya gives Punjabi music fans a treat!

Punjabi talent took over in full swing at the Hungama Crossblade Festival 2017 last weekend. Indian bass sensation, Nucleya, was there to rock the stage and thrill Punjabi fans like only he can. The Sherp sat down with the star and here’s what he had to say.


The Sherp: Hey Udyan, great to interview you again. How do you feel about performing at the Hungama Crossblade Festival this year?

Nucleya: This is my first time at Crossblade and I’m really looking forward to it!

The Sherp: Many of your songs are Punjabi bombers. How does it feel to share the stage with renowned Punjabi musicians?

Nucleya: I’ve heard a lot about them, but this will probably be the first time I get to watch them perform live. I love Punjabi music so I’m sure it’s going to be fun.


The Sherp: You have performed at numerous music festivals around the world. How different will this experience be in comparison to them?

Nucleya: Every festival has its own vibe and, in that sense, there’s no comparison I feel. One thing that is common though is the feeling of unity; where everybody comes together to celebrate their love for music and art.

The Sherp: We recently heard your collaboration with Papon and it was fantastic. What’s coming up next? Any special collaborations you’re working on?

Nucleya: There are a couple of collaborations in the pipeline as of now and we will share more details when the time is right.


The Sherp: What was the highlight of 2016 for you?

Nucleya: The fact that we managed to execute the Bass Yatra setup at almost 8-10 cities around the country, was a huge thing for me. We had a great team that worked hard, day and night, to pull off every single show. It was overwhelming to see each show come to life.

The Sherp: You have been making music India has never heard before, for some time now. Which artist do you look up to in India?

Nucleya: It’s impossible to pick just one name. I’ve always admired a range of musicians such as Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Ilayaraja, A.R. Rahman, Vishal Dadlani.

The Sherp: You were a part of the band Bandish Projekt. How was the transition to becoming Nucleya?

Nucleya: It wasn’t the easiest one since I had to start from scratch. And it took me many years after making the move to actually get myself back up and running. But things eventually fell into place.

The Sherp: Have you been cooking something new in the studio? And when can we expect it?

Nucleya: You will have to wait and find out!