If you thought camping was a reserved luxury for the Coachellas and the Burning Mans of the world, think again. Some Indian festivals have their camping game on point!

Several Indian festivals, especially those that offer picturesque respites, are turning to camping options to give their attendees the wholesome festival experience. And because India is blessed with geographical diversity like few other countries, each of these camping options are all equally unique in what they have to offer. The Sherp rounds up all the Indian Festivals that offer some of the most exclusive camping options, along with ridiculously good music, of course.

Ziro Festival of Music
Where: Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

In the untouched valleys of Arunachal Pradesh, an annual music festivals brings the best of Indian music, featuring succinct gems from the north-eastern musical scene on an aesthetically humble platform. The Ziro Festival of Music will not just be one of the most breathtaking festival experiences of your life, but its demure, unassuming set up will be a refreshing contrast to the large, over-the-top festivals we’re so used to. That Ziro allows attendees to camp on festival grounds, surrounded by clouded mountains on all set is a traveler’s dream come true.



(Source: Ziro Festival Facebook and Instagram)

Enchanted Valley Carnival
Where: Lonavala

Enchanted Valley Carnival gives you the scenic festival experience, without actually requiring you to travel days to avail it. Nestled amidst the beautiful hills of Lonavala, a mere 4-hour drive from the city of Mumbai, EVC brings together a true hill-top festival experience. There is live electronic music, adventure sports, good weather, while you can camp it out at the festival’s impressive camping arena, that boasts of social bonhomie, and into-the-stars bonding.


(Source: Jeetendra Saran and Instagram)

Lost Party
Where: Lavasa

Lavasa has only now begun to be recognised as a potential festival destination, from a mere resort hosting pretty place. The Lost Party takes full advantage of this by organising a getaway music festival, that is replete with good music, community parties, amazing food, and camping, of course, while nuzzled in the midst of Sahyadri Hills. The camping area at Lost Party is not just comfy, burrowed in one corner of the festival arena, but is also endowed with a jam area, community bonfires, and hookah bars, making it a quintessential, snuggly experience.


IMG_1520(Credits: Jeethendra Saran)

Magnetic Fields
Where: Rajasthan

Magnetic Fields allows you to experience the best of Rajasthan’s beauty; where you can soak in the wild desert vibe of the region while synchronously experiencing the royalty inherent in the state’s vein. Held at the enchanting Alsisar Mahal, in Rajasthan, the festival allows attendees to stay at the palace, or pick tents where one can experience the intimate desert experience. The camp experience at Magnetic Fields is a luxury-driven exercise in cultural experience.


magnetic-collage-1000x500(Source: http://www.magneticfields.in/)

Mud Rush
Where: Silvasa

Mud Rush is the festival for the strong at heart, and body. With an adventure sport that has you slinging, falling, bathing, in all thinks mud like, the festival amalgamates it with camping, outdoor music, dance and several other activities that fuse together to give a cohesive outdoor experience. Their campsite arena helps elevate this experience even further by incorporating several community after sport activities among the several campers!


Where: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Ragasthan is a kitschy template of all things that continues to make Rajasthan the hotbed for India’s cultural tourism. There is music, both independent and traditional folk, covering the musical spectrum of techno, acoustic, electronic and the likes. There is art, both local Rajasthani and other more intrinsic variety. And there is the campsite, lapped in the desert arena, allowing for social conjugation of the best kind.


ragasthan(source: Ragasthan Facebook)

Kumbh Mela
Where: Nasik, Haridwar, Ujjain and Allahabad

The Kumbh Mela is the largest cultural gathering in India, as it brings together devoted pilgrims from all parts of the country and beyond in a vibrant display of religious celebration. Along with the several rituals and practices that keep one immersed, the Kumbh Mela also allows for people to camp in site that are arguable one of the larger gatherings witnessed. For want of a colourful spectacle of India’s inherent celebratory spirit, Kumbh Mela it is.

Kumbh_Mela_2013_Porter_Yates_The Camp(Credit: Porter Yates)

Firely Festival
Where: Purushwadi, Maharashtra

The Firefly Festival, organised by rural development organisation, Grassroutes is one that promotes immersive tourism, while relinquishing one of the more enthralling aspects of nature, the luminescent fireflies. About 180 kilometres from Mumbai, stands Purushwadi – a tribal village adopted by Grassroutes, an organization whose sole purpose has been to promote village tourism over the last five years. One can camp at the festival grounds, indulge in several activities that give you a social relevant emotion, while enjoying the beauty of fireflies when the night descends.

(Source: Grassroots)

Storm Music Festival
Where: Coorg

In the picturesque Deccan valleys of Coorg, the Storm Music Festival has quietly been serving India one of its premier camp-out music festival, annually. Community campsites, wellness sessions, yogic experiences, social bonfires and a great musical lineup are the several things that makes the Storm Music Festival one of the very best in India. That it is nestled in the Coorg valley is just a breathtaking blessing.

(Source: Storm Music Festival Facebook)