India’s premiere electronic music production and DJing mentors, Lost Stories start Delhi batches this June!

Rated by DJ Mag as World #52 and the country’s top export to the global dance music community, the producer duo, with their Lost Stories Academy, don their sensei robes and offer their production chops to aspiring DJs in Delhi from 1st June 2017.

Credits: Sunburn Festival

Their pioneering initiative with the Academy is aimed at guiding young artists so they don’t have to face the kind of obstacles that the members, Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi, had to face in their early years of their careers.

Have a look at the Mumbai studio of the Lost Stories Academy, the Delhi version would be designed on similar lines:

The courses at Delhi will also include masterclasses from some of the world’s most established names! Check out the details of the DJing and Electronic Music Production courses below:


30 hours of extensive training + practice session

Will be covered over 15-20 days

Will be conducted by Pranav (One&One)

Will cover entire DJing module, including branding and other essentials

Electronic Music Production:

Power Course: 100 hours of extensive training + practice session

Will be covered over 30-40 days

Will be conducted by Prayag (Lost Stories)

Will cover entire music theory and Ableton Live essentials

For any pricing related queries, you can get in touch with Lost Stories Academy on +91 99307 57929 or +91 9987372843