The Lost Party is back and this time it promises to be the mecca to all loyal music fans – those who come for the music and care about little else. 

Over the past many years, music festivals in general have amassed certain clichés. There seem to a passionate list of prerequisites that seem to go with enjoying a music festival. But, when did a music festival become about every thing else but the music? When did the conversation centered around a music festival became obsessed with everything than what happens on stage?

If these are the questions you’ve attempted to answer, then this year’s The Lost Party. Unlike many other music festivals that claim to have something for everyone, even those who don’t love music, 2016’s The Lost Party brings back the importance of what was and will be always important. Music, and the experience. And if you swear by music, and everything it gives you, then this year’s The Lost Party is for you.

So The Sherp has prepared for you a checklist that would quality you as the ultimate Lost Party attendee. Read on –

Are you someone who swears by a Festival schedule?

You await the announcement of the lineup and the artists with bated breath, and religiously intend to follow it to the T. Much before the festival even begins, you’ve ran through the schedule many times, eager to know what stage you’re spending most amount of time at. You even know the schedule by-heart, right from which performer headlines which day to when the last set begins.

IMG_1375(Source: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

Do you research about artists you don’t know and then promise yourself to catch them?

When you check out the lineup, you make it a point to Youtube or Soundcloud music of the artists you don’t know, so you can listen to a few songs and decide whether you want to see them live. On liking their sound, you promise to check out live, and recommend the same to your friends. You’re attracted to sound than prestige or popularity, and that is the single most defining factor to weigh in your choice.

IMG_2460(Source: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

Would you rather reach a festival on time and try to catch as many acts as possible?

You’re not interested in the fashionably late entries. Even if you don’t know the acts kicking off the day, you’re someone who’d much rather reach the festival venue on time, in the hope of finding acts that you might just love. If a genre has earned your curiosity, you’re someone who is most likely to give it a try, even if you haven’t heard it before. Like we said, you’re all about the sound.

11083777_470227776458975_1715575961383667894_o(Source: The Lost Party Facebook)

You don’t mind roughing it out for an incredible experience do you? 

You’re all about the present – a present governed by music and little else. Few things distract you off of it. You’d rather not spend time worrying about which fancy hotel room to book because you’d rather camp it out and gain the most out of the festival experience. You’re all about getting down and getting dirty, because it is at the festival camp site that you’ll walk away with the experience of a lifetime.

Because you know that even if you cared, you’d opt for luxury camping at The Lost Party than opt out of camping!

IMG_1444(Source: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

Your phone’s dead, but you have few damns to give as long as your favourite act’s on stage

You’re more bothered about the next act to hit the stage than that you haven’t clicked a selfie. While you don’t mind a few pictures, and especially wouldn’t mind landing in the after-movie, you could be far from bothered about the many apps on your phone and its dying battery. For you, the festival trumps all.

And you really excited about meeting new festival friends?

You don’t care about how many people actually accompany you to the festival, because you’re all about meeting new people – especially people you can connect with artistically. You’re excited about making festival buddies, and you don’t mind if you lose your friends at the festival, because you’re sure to make someone new.

IMG_1798(Source: The Lost Party Facebook)

Do you believe in vibes over comfort?

You’re all about the goodness that comes out of a community experience.  For you, positive vibes and a good experience rank higher than trying to snag a luxurious festival trip. Late night bonfire sessions, drinking together and singing along to the favourite song are your definite festival highlights.

11025928_463506907131062_91787923563410399_o(Source: The Lost Party Facebook)

You make a list of your favourite acts at the end of the festival?

Once the festival has ended, you spend adequate amount of time picking your favourite acts. You’re fueled by the energy and the emotion felt after witnessing a band you’ve loved and you could care little about anything else. You reel under the hangover of the music and the experience, because you know, that even after the festival has ended, you’re on true fan.

If each and every point listed above holds true to you, then you’re going to be a definite hit at The Lost Party this year. Do not miss the action and grab the tickets for the festival here.