The Sherp was on site at The Lost Party held at the beautiful Salter Lake, Lonavala for a long weekend of interesting experiences. From quaint art installations set around the picture perfect Salter Lake to killer performances by the curated lineup and of course late night performances around the campfire, we have everything on photographic record!


<—Idhar | Udhar —>

Recyclable art installations by the Transhuman Collective were a huge hit.



(Courtesy : Instagram/@greyoceanblues)

Attendees had plenty of activities to keep them busy during the blazing hot weekend, including hula hooping, the Ride The Horse installation by Rob of “MAD Stuff With Rob” fame and slacklining.

Attendees had plenty of installations and activities to keep themselves busy during the weekend - Photo credit - Monish BhattRide the Horse, an interactive installation at The Lost Party, held at Saltar Lake - Photo credit - Monish Bhatt

(Courtesy : Monish Bhatt)

For those who dared, the rope walk was a fun experience - Photo credit - Aman Deshmukh

(Courtesy : Aman Deshmukh)

While others were up and at it, others decided to kickback in a hammock and catch up on their reading.

For those who just wanted to relax, hammocks and cosy spaces were spread across the festival site - Photo credit - Parizad D

(Courtesy : Parizad D)

Ice cold beer, the best way to beat the heat!

The beautiful campsite was brought to life with impromptu jam sessions.

(Courtesy : Instagram/@letscampout, @idnanijyoti)

Impromptu jam sessions were a common sight in the campsite - Photo credit - Parizad D

(Courtesy : Parizad D)

Acrobats/Dancers kept the audience entertained along with the artists on stage.

Acrobatics, dancers and painters performed live alongside bands and acts on stage - Photo credit - Aman Deshmukh

(Courtesy : Aman Deshmukh)

French producer, dEbruit, who played his first show in India, dazzled everyone with his beats selection on Day Two of The Lost Party - Photo credit - Monish Bhatt Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator played a tight set, and included a cover of John Lenonon's 'Imagine' - Photo credit - Parizad D

(Courtesy : Monish Bhatt, Parizad D)


The location was after all, Salter Lake, and people headed there to enjoy some rafting and to catch the stunning sunset.

Saltar Lake, provided a beautiful backdrop to the festival, and even gave attendees the opportunity to indulge in a spot of swimming and boating - Photo credit - Aman Deshmukh

(Courtesy : Aman Deshmukh)


Festival goers could catch a late night movie as they rested their legs.

There were multiple entertainment options, like midnight movie screenings at The Lost Party - Photo credit - Aman Deshmukh

(Courtesy : Aman Deshmukh)

Karsh Kale Soundsystem and HVOB brought the house down with energetic performances as the festival came to a close.

Karsh Kale Soundsytem closed out the festival on Day Three, alongside HVOB on the Idhar stage - Photo credit - Parizad D

(Courtesy : Parizad D)

Austrian live electronica act HVOB closed out the festival - Photo credit - Monish Bhatt

(Courtesy : Monish Bhatt)