A stunning man made island was supposed to be the home of the Amsterdam festival this weekend. Unsurprisingly, permit issues ruin the day.  


The rumours surrounding the new location of the Lost In A Moment party were circulating across the world wide web for quite some time until the festival confirmed the new location a couple of months back. But a recent turn of events means that the Amsterdam party will no longer be held at this fantastic, island venue.



Quite naturally, fans were left aggrieved as the venue was one of the primary hooks for the ticket sales for the festival. Lost In A Moment is providing extra hours at the festival to make up for this last minute change. It’s safe to say the July 5 event has lost quite a bit of it’s charm because of this relocation.




(Images Courtesy: Lost In A Moment Facebook)

Pampus Island is home to 19th century sea fort. LIAM parties are known to be held in uber-spectacular locations that are both awe-inspiring and rich in history – like the Barcelona edition this summer is said to be held in a 17th century castle. .

(Cover Image Courtesy: boston.com)