London’s leading club fabric will host the main action at 2020’s edition of the London Music Conference, which runs from January 30th to February 1st. 

The Conference is about providing a platform for the creation, development and expansion of electronic music culture, as well as unique solutions for artists, fans, labels and professionals from across the globe.

Many other carefully selected venues around the capital will be used. They range in size and style and will help make the conference the vital and vibrant gathering it is, as well as offering great late night parties for once the serious stuff has finished. 

Also new for this year is an Exhibition designed to empower brands, developers, educators, manufacturers and labels to engage with the LMC community. There will also be a Awards element and Accelerator Program for artists and labels, providing music makers and breakers from across the globe a range of tools and resources to develop music, culture and the business ecosystem that exists around it. 

You can find out more information at the LMC website