Sky Blu, one half of the boisterous dance-pop-hip-hop duo is set to tour India this March!

The Grammy nominated duo have created quite a stir since the launch of their first album ‘Party Rock’ and if there’s a secret formula for infectious, in-your-face, fist-pumpable music, then LMFAO’s got it. Actually, they probably invented it.

Sky Blu from the American electro pop duo has announced the dates for his Outcry Entertainment Who Came To Party” Tour, that will visit Mumbai and New Delhi this summer. If your house is just too small a space for your massive amount of party rocking, worry not as the party-meister will be fist-pumping through India for the very first time.

It’s quite the bummer with Red Foo not being able to make it, due to them being on a sort of a hiatus but this is an official LMFAO-tour.  Sky Blu has an immense arsenal of talents at his disposal – singer, rapper, producer, DJ and dancer. He also officially made his solo debut earlier this year with “Salud,” a bilingual party anthem that put a Latin spin on LMFAO’s party rock formula and Pop Bottles ft. Mark Rosas.

I’m sure most of their tracks need no introduction but here you go :

Party Rock Anthem


When & Where:

8th March – Pangea, Delhi – Tickets

9th March – The Lalit, Mumbai – Tickets


Their hip-thrusting and rump-shaking music is kinda like cough syrup: don’t operate heavy machinery under its influence. Something possesses your body to move whether you like it or not. The Sherp is looking forward to this.