On the eve of Shaan’s B’Day The Sherp decides to interview him… with a twist!

The Sherp, being the curious fellow that he is, wanted to get into the inner circle of the most powerful and most famous father-son duo in the Indian music scene (Shailendra Singh & Shaan Singh, for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet) to gain insights into their lives and determine how alike (or not) the two are (and ultimately figure out if ‘greatness’ is a genetically transmitted skill set). And since Shaan’s 18th birthday is around the corner, this is the perfect time and opportunity to do such an interview!

Shaan: Your idea of the bestest 18th bday?
– I think this one!

S.S: What did you do for your 18th bday?
– F?@K Knows 😉

Shaan: Your best bday so far & why ?
– You ask so far but I shall say the one that is going to happen this weekend – have a football game vs Sunburn XI and then the bluefrog gig…the best!

S.S: Your best bday so far & why ?

– My 40th birthday was the best one so far at taj colaba I practically united my entire world of friends and family.

Shaan: Bdays for you are……… (In one word)
– Family

S.S: Bdays for you are……. (In one word)
– Celebration.

Shaan: Your fathers fav artist?
– Axwell

S.S: Your sons fav artist?
– Aly and Fila

Shaan: If not a dj, then what else?
– A sportsman for sure!

S.S: If not a dj, then what else would you have liked your son to be?

– A national athlete.

Shaan: Your Inspiration in life?

– My inspiration in life is my family!

S.S: Your Inspiration in life?
– My father, Mr.Mangal Singh

Shaan: Any bday resolutions?
– Eat more healthy haha!

S.S: Any suggestions on resolutions he should take up?
– Celebrate every breath you take!