The Do Lab’s Lightning In A Bottle is a festival dedicated to celebrating the creative life with people passionate about making it happen.  


Lightning in a Bottle is far more than just another festival. Billed as a ‘transformational event’ this event encompasses music, art, yoga, speakers, workshops, interactive experiences and much more. The focus of LIB is on absolute freedom. You are on your own schedule and get to decide exactly what you want to be doing at any given time.


Last year’s edition boasted the likes of Moby, Gramatik, Baauer, Chet Faker, Ryan Hemsworth as well as installation art, live performances, spiritual workshops, and taught plenty about cultural and environmental consciousness. This year, the festival aims at improving your overall experience. Here’s what they look at working on:

More Shade: Last Memorial Day weekend, the temperature was significantly above average for that time of year, which made for some hot days in the sun. This year, large-scale shade structures will be built over the main stage dance floors and brought in over other areas throughout the main festival grounds. Finding a nice spot to catch a midday snooze will be easy this time around 🙂 

New Festival Layout: Our design team has completely redesigned the festival layout and stage areas to make distances between each attraction much shorter and easier to traverse. In addition, the team is also working on building better, less strenuous walking routes to and from the peninsulas.

Less Dust: While we can’t control the sun and wind, we can do our best to provide more ground cover on the dance floors and lounging areas. Our goal is to minimize dust in these areas and create a more comfortable experience for you.

Improved Water Situations: There were several different factors that affected last year’s water quality and pressure, but we are working with the park officials and local water management to make the appropriate changes needed. Additionally, we will also be adding more water stations throughout the festival and camping areas to provide easier access to free H2O.

Ingress & Egress: Access in and out of the festival area is limited, so we are continuing to refine procedures to help expedite ingress and egress, however with one road in and out of the festival, exit lines will always be a reality.
We encourage everyone to plan accordingly and ask those with flexible schedules to wait out the lines and enjoy relaxing at camp on Monday morning. The shuttles to and from the parking areas will be running more frequently and better organized to help campers exit and enter.’ 


Tickets for the May 21 – 25 festival are available, you can buy them HERE.

(All Images Courtesy: Lightning in a Bottle Facebook)