You know it’s officially going to be off the hook when you have the blessings of the Mayor of the city where a festival is being held. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has officially declared the week of Movement Festival as Detroit Techno Week. It’s great to see techno flourishing in its birthplace as thousands will make the pilgrimage to Detroit this for perfect festival.


Here are a few sets that will prepare you perfectly for Detroit’s finest techno gathering:

1. Joris Voorn’s Essential Mix

A mix that is genuinely timeless. Joris is a magician. If you have already listened to it, play it again. If you haven’t then stop whatever you are doing and hit play on this mix right NOW. Joris will be closing the Beatport stage on the third day of the festival


2. Phuture’s Boiler Room Set

Chicago’s Acid House pioneers are all set to amaze the crowd with a live set that will cause minds to warp. Phuture was formed three decades ago and the group’s The group’s 12-minute track “Acid Tracks” is one of several recordings that lay claim to being the first-ever acid house record. Their Boiler Room set will give you an idea of what to expect when these three men will take over the Thump stage on the third day of the festival.


3. Anthony Parasole + Marcel Dettmann’s mix for Beats In Space Radio

You can count on these two to obliterate the Underground Stage on Saturday. Check out their amazing mix for the 775th episode of Tim Sweeney’s BIS radio show. Don’t say you weren’t warned about the damage that Parasole and Dettmann will execute.


4. Kevin Saunderson’s guest mix for Defected in the House

We probably wouldn’t be listening to Techno if it wasn’t for Mr. Saunderson and his friends. He is as legendary as legendary gets. Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May will be going back to back for an unforgettable closing set at Movement 2015


5. Matthew Dear’s mix for SOHO House

SOHO HOUSE MUSIC // 010: MATTHEW DEAR by Soho House on Mixcloud

Matthew’s alma mater, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is just a short drive away from Detroit. It was in Ann Arbor that Matthew co-founded the critically acclaimed record label, Ghostly International. This year Matthew will be headlining the Ghostly International showcase at Movement Festival 2015.


The Sherp is going to be bringing you all the action from Movement this year, so stay tuned to the Sherp for more.

(All Images Courtesy: Movement Festival Facebook)