Since the massive introduction of online gambling platforms in the 90s, the industry has experienced significant changes as a result of technological advancement. As the online gambling industry continues to grow, many gambling companies are adopting technological innovations to appeal to more users. One could even argue that the land-based casinos have been overtaken by online casino sites, which can offer a similar casino atmosphere. In recent years, virtual reality and mobile casinos have become an integral part of online casinos and are among the technologies that have had substantial impacts in the industry.

Virtual Reality

Casinos are usually associated with flashing light, multiple slot games, and classic table games. Thus, some gamblers might be reluctant to transition from land-based casinos to online casinos due to the absence of the casino atmosphere on online casino sites. However, with the advent of technology, the online casinos have managed to replicate the atmosphere of the brick and mortar casinos through virtual reality (VR). With VR, you can enjoy the 3D environment of the casino, where you get to interact with the casino environment while enjoying your gaming session. Unlike the previous overly simplistic graphics, VR comes with top notch graphics and interfaces that drift you to the thrilling world of casino games.

VR casino games combine concepts from video games, esports, and gambling. However, the idea of virtual reality casinos is still evolving. You will, therefore, find a comprehensive portfolio of games that you would find in a conventional 2D casino platform. 3D casino platforms are, however, set to grow in numbers in the near future. You can find the same categories of games you will find in a standard casino, including slots (or pokies as they call it in AU and NZ), poker dice, backgammon, poker, roulette, and blackjack tournaments. You will still have an opportunity to win similar amounts on a VR casino platform.

Mobile Gambling

Now more than ever, mobile technology plays a significant role in our lives. Smartphone technology serves as a constant source of information while on the go. The casino industry has noticed the growing trend of mobile usage and seeks to take advantage of these potential customers. This has led to the growing popularity of mobile casinos. Just like any other online casino platform, mobile casinos present you with wide arrays of casino games.  Even better, you can also access sports betting services through your mobile devices.

As smartphones and mobile networks continue to improve and become faster, phones are becoming an integral part of the gambling industry. As of 2019, the number of bets placed over the phone was valued at $131 billion, with more than 164 users using mobile phones to access online betting platforms. Mobile gambling represents around 50% of the total online gambling market.

Mobile Compatible Sites and Mobile Apps

The growth in mobile gambling and revenues can be attributed to the development of mobile website versions of gambling sites and the increase in mobile apps. Today, you can easily access an online gambling site that you would previously only access through your desktop. The mobile version of these websites fits perfectly on your screen, ensuring that the graphics and layout appear clearly on your device.

There has also been an increased number of mobile apps being developed in the gambling industry. These apps offer similar casino services in a more convenient way. The ability to access online gambling sites from anywhere through your mobile phone makes it appealing to most punters. The usage is expected to grow even further!


The casino industry has undergone significant improvements due to technological advancements. The situation is expected to improve even further as new technologies continue to be incorporated. In recent years, virtual reality and mobile gambling technologies are among the technologies that have transformed the online gambling industry. These technologies not only significantly improve the user experience but have also boosted the revenues of online casinos.