Now, here’s a handy guide ensuring you make the best of the summer festivals!

It’s that time of year again when summer is sadly drawing to a close, but it’s not over yet! In fact the best is yet to come if you’re planning to make the most of the long days and (hopefully!) T-shirt weather by heading out to the final summer festivals.

Although many of us will be well versed in festival prep by now, you might have been holding out for the perfect festival. But don’t panic, if you’re new to the festival scene we’ve put together a guide of festival dos and don’ts just for you, as it pays to be savvy with what you pack.

1. Cash

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If you’re on a budget you should think twice about using your card all weekend, as you could easily lose track of what you are spending. Contact-less cards and alcohol are an especially risky combination!

To avoid overspending, withdraw enough cash for two days at the festival before you go. ATMs can get extremely busy at festivals, so whilst you don’t want to carry all the money you own all weekend, it’s worth getting enough cash for a couple of days at a time.

Never leave your valuables in your tent as these are easy targets for thieves. Instead split your cash up and keep it in different zipped pockets and compartments. This way, if you lose your coat or bag you won’t lose all your cash as well!

2. Festival Fashion

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One of the best things about heading to a festival is the fashion! This year it’s all about temporary tattoos – think fake freckles, glitter, stars and gems. It’s all part of the festival scene! Metallic flakes are also a must have this festival season. Just because you’re camping out in a field all weekend doesn’t mean you can’t be glittery and glam!

3. E-cigarettes

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At a festival, buying enough cigarettes to last the whole weekend can be a pretty costly affair and it inevitably means time spent queuing when you could be dancing to your favourite DJ, so don’t forget to pack your e-cigarette. 

If you’ve recently decided to kick the habit, festivals can be tough with all the alcohol and other smokers letting lose. It’s therefore a good idea to take an e-cigarette so that you can get your fix without ruining your non-smoking streak.

Only take what you think you’ll use and don’t go mad with extra e-liquids or replacement parts as you’ll need as much space as possible for your other essentials.

4. Deodorant and Wipes

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If you’re planning on getting down to your favourite artist or running from stage to stage to catch all the best bands, you’re going to need to stay fresh! Baby wipes, deodorant and hand sanitizer are every festival goer’s best friends!

If you’re prone to greasy hair it’s also a really good idea to take dry shampoo as well, this will keep your hair looking good and smelling great!

These on-the-go essentials will help you stay fresh throughout the day and night and they won’t take up too much room in your bag. You’ll thank us when the queues to the showers are a mile long!

5. Phone Charger


During a festival it’s absolutely essential that your phone is performing at full capacity. Think selfies, multiple Instagram posts and Snapchat stories! These are the times that you’ll want to remember for years to come.

You’ll also need your phone to keep in touch with your friends in case you get split up in a crowd or moving between sets. To make sure you capture it all and keep in touch, invest in a portable phone charger, as charging stations at festivals can mean hours of queuing.

6. Refillable Bottles

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Drinks can be really expensive at festivals, but most festival sites will have a number of free water taps located around the site. It’s therefore a really good idea to take refillable water bottles with you. You’ll save lots of cash and you’ll be glad of the water when you need to brush your teeth in the morning.

If the weather is set to be really hot for the weekend, it’s also wise to carry a bottle of water with you at all times as the last thing you need is to end up in the medical tent with sunstroke and dehydration. As well as this, a lot of festivals don’t allow glass bottles on site, so if you’re taking your own spirits you’ll also need to decant these into a refillable, plastic bottle.

7. Air Bed

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With the amount of partying you’re going to be doing, sleep is a valuable commodity! Trying to rest on hard ground is the last thing you need, as you won’t sleep a wink and it’s terrible for your back.

To get the best rest possible and to give your aching body all the support it needs, invest in an airbed for your tent. It might be a little heavy to carry but you definitely won’t regret it. Most importantly don’t forget the pump or you’ll be blowing your bed up all weekend!

8. Sleeping Bag And Blanket

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A must have to go with your airbed, don’t be fooled by warm weather in the day. As we move into August, the temperate will start to drop at night, so combat the cold with a thick sleeping bag and a blanket for added warmth.

Finally don’t forget to take a pillow with you, as the last thing you need when you’re trying to party is a stiff neck! Camping pillows are generally quite cheap and really compact, so they won’t be much of a pain to carry.

9. Toothbrush

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After waking up in a hot tent following a night of drinking and dancing, you’ll definitely thank us for reminding you to take your toothbrushToothpaste on your finger just isn’t going to cut it for this one and sharing is a definite no. So pack your toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash, as staying fresh at a festival is key to having a good time.

10. Snacks

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Most of the time food at festivals is pretty pricey, so avoid paying through the nose by taking your favourite snacks with you. Think breakfast bars, apples and juice cartons to get you going in the morning.

Don’t take anything that needs to be refrigerated as it won’t last well at all in a hot tent. Crisps are great for keeping energy levels up and it’s always good to have some sugary snacks to hand for a little boost throughout the day.


Article Courtesy: Holly Barry