Excited much as DJ KSHMR and music maestro Sonu Nigam announce the release of their first-ever collab, Underwater! 

DJ/Producer KSHMR, in what we call an epic announcement, has collaborated with legendary melody-maker Sonu Nigam for their first-ever single, Underwater. Showcasing some of the best talents in the world is KSHMR’s own record label Dharma, which is also the producer of his recently released Underwater.

Talking about his latest collab with Sonu, KSHMR said, “Underwater has a really beautiful story to it. When my friend from India, Aayushman Sinha met me in Amsterdam he asked me to find out my grandfather’s favourite singer. My grandfather’s answer was Sonu Nigam. It so happened that Aayushman knew him and arranged a meeting in Sonu’s Karjat farmhouse before we proceeded to Sunburn Pune. This is when the idea of a collaboration cropped up. As destiny would have it, we caught up in the studio in August 2017 in Los Angeles and decided to work on a track that I had written 2 years ago. We finished the entire track in less than a day! This song is special, not only because it represents the start of my career as KSHMR but it is also a gift to my grandfather who has been so instrumental in both my personal and musical journey.

Elated with the release of Underwater, Sonu too spoke about the collab with KSHMR and said, “Working with Niles has been such an enjoyable and effortless journey. I have always wanted to explore a collaboration with an international artist who imbibes homogenous sensibilities into his music and I found a perfect fit with Niles. And Niles is also blessed with a heart of gold that makes working with him a blissful experience. Looking forward to many more collaborations with him.”

KSHMR is also gearing up for his maiden tour in India, which is also his homeland, this year. The tour begins in New Delhi and the famous performer will make stops at Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Tour details: 

Huda Grounds, New Delhi – October 20th 2017
E-Zone, Bengaluru –  21st October 2017
VGP Beach Resort, Chennai – 22nd October 2017
Aquatica, Kolkata –  27th October 2017
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad – 28th October 2017
Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai – 29th October 2017

To catch KSHMR’s performance in your city, you can book your tickets here. Also check out KSHMR’s Facebook page here for more information and updates.