Bringing back the K!NK this August, the talented Brit producer, Kryder, will be coming down for a 3 city tour! 


Kriss Knight has ascended from obscurity to become one of the most sought after, new names in the dance music scene. The last few years have been exceptionally good to Kryder. Deciding at a very young age that his only career path would be one in music, it would take another few years before he stepped out of the shadows into the eyes and ears of today’s mega producers.

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Kryder’s 2013 release of “Aphrodite” on Axtone Records was a crowning moment in his young career and though his originals are signed to some of the biggest labels and he has remixed the industries biggest artists, he doesn’t believe in going on and on about remixes that he has been commissioned for, or the labels he is signed to; his heart is in the dig. “If you like what you hear you’ll go find it, Beatport is great, but there is so much talent out there that you can’t find all of them on the major music sites”. It’s true, Kryder wasn’t discovered on Beatport.

Here are some of his other more noteworthy productions: 


Kryders’s very own imprint, Sosumi, enables fresh new talent to bring their ideas and visions to the masses without limitations. The artist has full creative freedom to piece together a dance floor smash without the implications of royalties or lawsuits for sampling their favorite sounds and quotes, while creating their individual sonic masterpiece. He has also launched his very own podcast called Kryteria which features some of the most infectious dance tracks out there:


Kryder’s musical talents don’t follow a trend, he sets the trend. His music transcends language and captivates the ear. Delivering a sound so genre defying it is easily considered “too” fresh to label. Never one to wake up and say “I want to make an electro record”, he lets the feel and groove of the moment propel his inspiration. His invigorating take on big room firepower has found a massive audience, both on the dance floor and within the dance music industry. Just make sure you don’t miss this guy in action.

When & Where: 

28th August – Club Royalty, Mumbai 

30th August – Cafe Mambo, Goa

30th – LOFT 38, Bangalore