The uninhibited talent of Kolkata will be displayed at Bacardi Nh7 Weekender this weekend.

Rock music has been prevalent in Kolkata since the 70’s, bringing in Bob Dylan inspired acoustic revelry to West Bengal. Today Kolkata is a celebrated cauldron of incredible independent musicians, ranging from Cactus, the Bangla rock phenomenon to the more avant-garde fledglings of the scene like Nischay Parikh.

Bacardi NH7 Weekender takes on Kolkata this weekend, and The Sherp is here to familiarize you with the inspiring Kolkata-based acts on their lineup. Take a look below!


1. Cactus

Formed in 1992, Cactus is one of the most distinguished Bengali rock bands. They’ve released four LPs and made several hits over the course of time. Founded on the roots of rock n’ roll, drawing their inspiration from Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden like many others, Cactus was probably the first Bengali band to display an infusion of psychedelia in their early work.



Pinknoise is an experimental rock band from Kolkata that surfaced sometime during the mid-00’s. They call themselves “the late night alter-ego of Skinny Alley”, the band’s guitarist Amyt Dutta’s pop/rock project. Pinknoise released their first full-length album The Dance Of The Diaspora in 2014, garnering a substantial fan-base for their idiosyncratic sound.


3. Nischay Parekh

The wonderkid of the independent scene, Nischay Parikh is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter. With queer dream-pop undertones to his music, Nischay has released several singles– including ‘Panda’ and ‘I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll’— and a full-length album that represents his whimsical demeanor perfectly. Nischay is said to bring some of his new material to the festival this year.


4. Zoo

Zoo is an alt-rock band that was formed in 2011. Originally from the bustling city of Kolkata, Zoo incorporates into their music the essence of the metropolitan lifestyle. They released their first six-track album The Attic Sessions in 2012 and will be bringing their alternative vibes to their city this weekend.


5. Neel And The Lightbulbs

Neel and the Lighbulbs is Neel Adhikari’s alt-rock/funk collective. Neel is a singer/songwriter based in Kolkata who has been a part of several other independent bands. Neel and the Lightbulbs came into being in 2012 and have played many live gigs in Kolkata ever since.


6. Feyago

Feyago is an indie rapper/hip-hop artist from Kolkata. With a curiously experimental sound and over 150 live shows to speak for, Feyago will be lighting up Kolkata this weekend. Listen to his track ‘Someday’ for a glimpse of what his set will be like.


7. Underground Authority

The brainchild of !Banned and Skydive, Underground Authority is a rap rock/protest poetry band from Kolkata. The band was conceptualized in 2010 and have played numerous festivals and live events ever since, building their fan-base and working on their distinctive musical style. Listen to some of their music below.


8. Siddharth De

The singer, songwriter and guitarist is from the city of Kolkata. Known for his acoustic essence and vocals, Siddharth De surfaced in the independent music scene in 2012. His sound is earthy and classically authentic, encouraging a feel-good atmosphere through his songs. Listen to ‘The Birthday Song’ by Siddharth De below.


9. Oh, Rocket!

Oh, Rocket! is just the band that will get you dancing. This synth-pop band from Kolkata is an indie project of Droppinginanchor a.k.a Aniket Dutta. Oh, Rocket! draws inspiration The Postal Service, Foster The People, Daft Punk, etc. Watch this uber-trippy band live in Kolkata this weekend!


10. Sukanti & Anushree

Sukanti & Anushree is a wonderful earth-electro duo from Kolkata. Sukanti Roy and Anushree Gupta brought together their musical prowess to create electronic sounds with earthy folk influences and styles such as Baul, Sufi, etc. They are currently working on their sophomore album Stoned Caravan.

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