The mercurial rapper delivers an equally mercurial speech that is said to be part amusing and part remarkable.

The attendees at SXSW all seem to agree that Dogg’s music keynote speech was one of the best attributes of the festival. From gang violence to his friendship with Willie Nelson, the hip-hop artist ricocheted through some pretty diverse subjects.


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On gang violence in L.A., Snoop voiced some pretty strong opinions, claiming that Ronald Reagan was to be blamed. “When Reaganomics kicked in, certain things were taken away”, said Snoop.

Shifting to a more amiable topic, Snoop Dogg claimed that he didn’t understand why people thought him and Willie Nelson had nothing in common. Apparently, the rap star and Willie share a love for animals, which would explain Snoop’s selection of stage name. But not only this, Snoop and Willie’s newfound friendship was more substantial than common interests, Snoop says to have had an altering moment with Willie in Amsterdam while they shared a stoned meal at KFC.

The eccentric musician also grazed over some other subjects such as his upcoming HBO TV series, his bias towards abstract art, etc. We know now that even if we don’t agree with ol’ Snoop, his idiosyncratic personality sure is entertaining.