Kerala launches a new beef-eating festival, making a bold statement that a beef ban in God’s own country will not sit well with the people.

Kerala is a state well-known for its red meat, and their cuisine would be staggeringly incomplete without it. Therefore, it’s only explicable that the good folks of Kerala fear that they might be the next state to inadvertently jump on the beef-ban bandwagon. A ban that fines rupees 10,000 on possession and five years in jail on consumption or sale, the people of Kerala deem that abstinence from what has been in their culture for centuries is unfathomable.

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To make their opinion on the matter apparent, an organic beef-eating festival was initiated in Thiruvananthapuram that is open to one and all, irrespective of your caste, religion or colour. The only thing that matters is how you like your meat.

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The leader of the protest claimed blatantly, “Any ban on our food will not be acceptable.” With pleasant meals and their luscious beef, this festival brought an eclectic group of people together and made their point spectacularly.

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