The European party festival will no more be held in Crimea, but to a better and more serene location


Last year, as some of you may know, Europe’s infamous beach festival could not take place at it’s iconic location in Crimea because the then ongoing political fighting between the Russia and separatists. The party temporarily moved down south, but was met with a conservative and disapproving neighbourhood.

This is not going to stop the promoters of the festival from hosting the festival though, especially with their new game plan. The location for this massive orgy  uh, music festival has now been moved to an island infamous for it’s lackadaisical views on inebriated foreigners, namely the Koh Puos Island, in Sihanoukville, Cambodia (owned by a Russian Company).


The lovely little island, comes with all the vibes of a good summer – sandy beaches, blue seas and relaxed locals. This perfect location will host the festival in style this February 18 to 28, so grab your itsy-bitsy bikinis and head down to Cambodia.

If you can’t make it, watch out for the after-movies, they’re always a treat.