This resolution just might be his best one yet.

Rapper Kanye West has tried to stay away from the limelight after being hospitalised for depression and exhaustion a few months ago and, with the New Year approaching, the man has a resolution that’s the one thing we can all agree on.

He was leaving a fitness club on the 27th of December when a paparazzo asked him about his New Year’s resolution. The rapper gave the most thoughtful answer, “I just want everyone to be happy.”

Now if that isn’t the most precious thing in the world, we don’t know what could be. It’s been a tough year for him and his family besides the hospitalisation. A few months ago, his wife Kim Kardashian was robbed off 10 million in Paris and, to top it all, the couple are facing divorce rumours every day. But the rapper seems to be doing great and even uploaded a picture with his wife and kids on Christmas day.

With this year being an absolute bust, we need a pure statement like that to get us through. Thank you Kanye West!