We smell a troll.

As ridiculous and massive as it sounds, an obscure event management company has scheduled a Facebook event, announcing that the ‘Sorry’ hit-maker and the newly-formed duo will step foot in India, in the month of August. 

Not even a few weeks ago, Diplo came down to India as a part of his Mad Decent posse to host the first-ever Block Party in the country.

The company in question, Vanva Entertainment, has only 87 likes on its page (as of now), but the event page has been going viral for the past couple of days, drawing all kinds of reactions in the comments. The event lists more than 5000 interested people; another 1400+ people have marked themselves as “Going”.

justin jack u 1

Looking at how tacky the page is framed, either they have a very poor social media team, or they’re waiting for significant figures in the scene to call their bluff.

However, on the other hand, the tour dates tell a different story altogether. Just to double-check the potential of such a tour happening in India, The Sherp went over to the artists’ websites and checked out tour dates. While Diplo’s website had dates mentioned only till June, we have excerpts from JB’s and Sonny’s dates here. Both of them have most of August free, giving slight credibility to this announcement.

Justin Bieber’s tour dates :


Skrillex’s tour dates :


While Bieber has nothing posted for August, Skrillex has only two dates in August, both Jack U gigs. If Vanva’s idea is to spread rumours to generate hype for the event, they’ve hit it off pretty well, however amateur their event page might be. Only the near future will tell us if this is a well-doctored prank, or if the teen icon finally makes his debut on Indian shores.

Check their event page out here, and let us know what you think!