Looks like Bieber’s downward spiral is still on a potent roll. 

After a series of very public, very bad decisions in the last two years, the temperamental pop star was physically and apparently pretty roughly escorted out of the festival premises at this year’s Coachella.


(Image Courtesy: meltyfan.it)

The reasons for kicking him out are still somewhat ambiguous, but it’s said that Biebs wanted to view Drake’s performance from backstage with his entourage but due to the backstage already being over-capacity, the security wouldn’t heed to his request. It’s safe to say that this didn’t sit well with Bieber and the 21-year-old caused a bit of a scene at the venue.

Here’s a TMZ clip of the celebrity being escorted out of the festival with his crew. Bieber and his team may or may not take legal action towards Coachella.