Janux, an Indian Dj from Goa, will be performing at seven significant festivals this summer as part of his Europe and Asia tour!

Jehan Johar, pseudonym Janux, is a Goa-based DJ/producer who has a seemingly eventful (literally) and hectic summer. Confirmed to be performing at seven different festivals in Asia and Europe from April through September, Janux is kicking off his festival season with a bang.


The psy-trance aficionado will be seen at Indus Experience in Goa, Universal Religion in Nepal and also some of the most anticipated European festivals like, Ozoro Festival in Hungary, WOA, Dust Birthday Blast and Human Evolution fest in Italy and Antaris festival in Germany.

So if you have your festival season mapped out, make sure you catch Janux’s incredible psychedelic performance during at least one of these festivals. Check out his Facebook page for more updates.