Information security is a wide industry employing many professionals across the world. There’s a greater need for organizations to secure their information systems due to numerous challenges facing these systems. This has pushed up the demand for professionals with experience in information systems security. This also implies that training more qualified professionals to take up roles in this area should be a priority. The ISC CISSP certification is considered as the leading credential within this ever-growing security field. That is why if you have the interest in building your career in the world of information systems security should consider this significant credential and its exam.

In this article, we’re going to delve deeper into the CISSP certification and exam. You’ll also know the requirements and reasons why it’s worth obtaining. Take your time to read through this article and understand all this and more!

ISC CISSP Certification Requirements

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is an information security credential offered by (ISC)2. It targets security practitioners, executives, and managers who are interested in learning security principles and practices, and using their knowledge in solving security based challenges.

To earn the ISC CISSP certification, there are certain requirements that candidates must meet. They include the following:

  1. Required Experience

Earning the ISC CISSP credential is a demonstration that you have the skills needed for designing, implementing, and managing a top-notch cybersecurity program. It’s prove that you have the ability to secure an organization’s critical assets. If you are working on your essay, dissertation and you would like to prove that your works are worthy, well-written and unique, you could use Edubirdie’s tool to check papers for plagiarism and then you will be confident in the quality of your work. 

Before you begin your journey towards achieving your credential, you need a cumulative experience of at least 5 years. This is a paid working experience in at least two of the required eight domains as indicated in the ISC CISSP ‘Common Body of Knowledge (CBK)’.

But in case you don’t have the experience to earn the CISSP certification, you are allowed to be an Associate of ISC once you successfully pass the CISSP test. From here, you’re then given 6 years to obtain the experience required to earn the CISSP credential.

  • Exam Registration

If you feel you’re good to go for the ISC CISSP exam, then you should take a bold step and schedule the exam. The first step is creating an account through Pearson VUE. You can then schedule your CISSP exam followed by a selection of your preferred testing location.

  • Understand Exam Basics

Exam basics including exam details and topics to be covered are also important aspects of the whole exam prep. You need to know the following CISSP certification exam specifics:

  • English exam questions: 100-150
  • Non-English exam (Linear): 250 questions
  • Duration: English: 3 hours; Non-English: 6 hours
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Visually Impaired
  • Exam Cost: $699

The other critical thing to note is on the exam domains or topics. The ISC CISSP exam evaluates your expertise across the following eight security based domains:

  • Security as well as risk management
  • Asset security
  • Security infrastructure and engineering
  • Communication as well as network security
  • Identity as well as access management
  • Assessment and testing of security
  • Security operations
  • Security for software development
  • Prepare for ISC CISSP Exam

Now that you have a general idea of how the exam looks like, you need to prepare for the exam. Below you’ll find the ISC CISSP official resources to help you prepare for your ISC CISSP certification and exam:

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Instructor-Led Course
  • Private On-Site Training
  • Online Self-Paced Training
  • Official ISC Guide to the CISSP CBK
  • ISC CISSP Official Study Guide
  • Official CISSP Flashcards

Another major resource for candidates preparing for CISSP exam are practice tests, video lessons, and a study guide from Examsnap. The practice tests are full-length exam questions to afford you complete your preparation process. The study materials included in the Premium Bundle enable you to enhance your preparation, as they are the most updated and actual. These expert verified exam prep materials will sharpen your skills and knowledge. At Examsnap you can download free practice tests for CISSP exam and open them on the ETE Software. This educational tool provides you with the feeling of taking the real exam as it simulates its environment. Thus, you can track and improve your results by mastering all the exam domains.

  • Take and Pass Exam

Passing an exam isn’t a small task. But confidence on the day of the exam comes as a result of knowing you’re well prepared. If you properly use the resources we’ve recommended to you, attaining the required pass score of 700/1000 marks in your ISC CISSP exam is possible. Make use of the prep resources, master all the domains, take and pass your CISSP exam!

Why ISC CISSP Certification Is Worth Obtaining

The ISC CISSP credential as the Gold Standard for the information security field is a great way to make a difference wherever you go. Here’s why you need to obtain this certification:

  • It offers you career advancement opportunities as it raises your visibility. This ensures you of new job opportunities as well as job security
  • The CISSP certification enables you to gain vendor-neutral security skills that can be applied in varied methodologies and technologies
  • You will use your cybersecurity skills to help prevent cyberattacks and become part of those who inspire safety in the cyber world
  • ISC CISSP certification and exam allow you to network with other security professionals and become part of an effective global cybersecurity community
  • Earning the certification leads to higher salaries. ZipRecruiter’s report on salaries for CISSP certified professionals in the US gives the annual average salary at $121,608.
  • As a certified professional, you get an opportunity to update your security skills through recertification every 3 years. Recertification requires gaining Continuing Professional Education (CPEs) as well as paying an annual fee. Earning of CPEs through various activities helps you in maintaining your competencies and ensuring that your skills are up to date
  • You earn a digital badge that allows you to display your qualifications and skills in various online platforms

ISC CISSP Associated Job Roles

Once you’re armed with your CISSP credential, you can apply and get job roles such as security architect, security auditor, chief security officer, and security manager. You can also work as a network architect, security consultant, security analyst, and systems security engineer. This means that being a CISSP certified professional, you can easily apply for the position that appeals to you most.


The ISC CISSP certification is worth obtaining as it implies increased visibility and credibility to you. Through it, you get a unique opportunity to validate your security skills and help the cyber world become a secure place. Everyone from peers, employers, and clients will respect and pay attention to you. Having a CISSP certification, you can enjoy the benefits this credential brings with it. Hone your skills by visiting the vendor’s website and enhance your preparation with Examsnap’s practice tests. Wish you luck!