Nevada Taxation policies are making it extremely difficult for Burning Man organizers to put up their community festival. 

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We’re right at the cusp of Burning Man 2015 which kicks off in less than 10 days, and there’s some bad news for ‘Burners’ making the pilgrimage to Black Rock city this year. According to reports, the festival could face the difficult decision of having to move to another location in light of the state of  Nevada’s ridiculous taxation policies.

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The tax rate has been set at an exorbitant 9%, a damaging figure according to people close to the organizing committee of the festival. Burning Man CEO Marian Goodwell recently shed light on the Positive Head Podcast with Brandon Beachum on the challenges faced by the festival in a podcast and here’s a direct excerpt from the recording:

“The biggest danger facing Burning Man right now is that the State of Nevada has levied an entertainment tax,” Goodell stated further. “We still believe that we don’t fit under a form of entertainment. Frankly, we’re not a Las Vegas show. We’re not a car race or a concert in a stadium.”

Stay tuned to the Sherp for the final verdict.

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