A wrist watch sized drone that follows me around and shoots my cool life? Sign me up twice!

The miniaturization of consumer drone technology has finally culminated into this revolutionary product. A small watch size wearable drone that snaps onto your wrist with flexible bands. All you have to do is unstrap it and it’s ready for take off to shoot stills or video. The drone has the ability to be controlled via a liveview phone app or through gestures and can be set to follow you. Though the product is still in its early development stages, the product looks promising and has the potential to be a game changer.

With the popularization of drones of all shapes and sizes like selfie drones, racing drones, attack drones, exploration drones to name a few, has changed the way how people shoot their moments. Though festivals have until now only permitted their own drones, given its small size, the same restrictions might not apply.

All we can do now is wait and see if they can get a consumer ready product soon. What do you think about this invention? Let us know!

Check out the product concept video here :