TIMEOUT 72 was an absolute rager, as SKAZI wowed us at the Eximius stage on Day 3!

Israeli psy-trance DJ, and the pioneer of more than a decade of world-class psychedelic music, Asher Swissa aka SKAZI was one of the most anticipated acts at TIMEOUT 72, Goa. Keeping top-notch music at the forefront since 1998, SKAZI has over the years won many a heart of psy-trance music fans, and his performance at TIMEOUT 72 was just a testament of the fact that till date he remains to be one of the best psy-trance DJ/Producers on the planet. Performing on the Eximius stage on Day 3, as the closing Trance act, SKAZI’s set was all things nostalgic, energetic, and high on the vibes of Goa.

Speaking about his affiliation in India, and being a pioneer of psy-trance music for over a decade, these are some things the Sherp heard from SKAZI ahead of his set at TIMEOUT 72.

Q- Skazi, you’ve been around in the scene since the late 90’s. How have you kept reinventing your music since the 90’s to now?

A- My hand are on the tools all the time. I try to learn the environment, the new generation, and everything, and try to make the music that will fit that time. Example, today the tracks, the music that used to be 7 minutes, my music now has become really short, because people don’t have enough concentration to keep themselves going for long. Even the videos; 1 minute is too much, 15 seconds is enough. We’re living in an unparallel generation, and this is the music we need to be putting out, and this is what I’m trying to do – to stay with the generation.

Q- What similarities/differences do you find between your fans in Israel and your fans in India?

A- First of all, with the fans in Israel, it’s a little bit different, because I started off from there. I’m not only a musician, I’m doing TV shows too, so people know more information about me there. When you’re doing TV and stuff like this you’ve got a lot of yellow news, as you know. You know what I mean! People know much more about my personal life. Here, they know less about my personal life, but they know much more about my music. They know all the tracks, they know the music, they know what I’m doing, they know what I released. I just released two days ago, a single named India!

(Nice! You’ll be playing it tonight for sure?) – Yes, for sure! That is special for India!

Q- TIMEOUT 72 is a multi-genre festival. How important do you think it is to be a part of festivals are where Psy-Trance, EDM, and everything else can play along together side by side?

A – I think this festival is really important – a) for Goa, b) for India, and the reason is like this; first of all, it attracts a lot of people, the new generation to this place. As you see, the party is really organized. Not like a party that you do on the beach and nobody knows what will happen. If something will happen here, it’s well covered, you have everything, you have medical care, you have policemen, you have everything. I think it’s really important that it will be like that. And second, you cannot avoid what’s going on in the world, this is what’s going on in the world today. This is what happens almost every day. India is a huge market for that, and it needs to be like this. It should continue that way.

Q- What do you find more challenging – remixes or originals?

A – Originals for sure, 100 percent! To make remix, it’s the most easiest thing in the world because the idea is there. To bring the idea from zero, and to create your own thing, it’s more complicated. And this is actually the part that I like more.

Q- What about your stay in India? Is there something you came with in mind, that when I’m in India, these are the things that I want to do?

A – Unfortunately, I just arrived today and I’m leaving tomorrow. I just came for 24 hours to India. I wish that I could stay in Goa, especially in that season that it’s amazing. The place is full. The weather is amazing. I will do it as I say the next time, or the time I say that, but for tomorrow, I need to be in Los Angeles and it’s a 24 hour flight.

Q- What are your plans for 2018?

A – I have a big plan for 2018. First of all, to release lots of music, second, I have another project; new project, the name is “Warriors”. This project already released in our Mother Music, on Spinnin Records, in very big high levels and labels. There will be lots of psy-trance. Especially, you can see that in this project, the market is more open to me. And I’m really excited for that project, and for sure from Skazi, from all the releases that are going to be there in 2018 – BLAST! I’m going to make a new album in 2018. And so, it’s about time, it’s almost one year since I released an album. But I’m releasing singles almost every month.

Q- A big shout-out to your fans?

A – First of all, I want to say, to all my fans in India, I love you so much! You’re part of my heart! This is not a secret, I’ve said this for years already. My big inspiration! No.1 inspiration. For music, plus always was India. And my last single name is “India”!

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