If you missed out on Lucky Ali’s performance on the Proximus stage at TIMEOUT 72, trust us, you missed out on something truly legendary!

Lucky Ali – the face of all thoughts profound, a mystical charm, and a voice that has resonated ever since the late 90’s with hits that made the Bollywood era all the more memorable. The versatile singer-songwriter and composer was one of the most awaited Live Acts performing at TIMEOUT 72. Lucky Ali performed at the Proximus stage on Day 1 (29th December) of TIMEOUT 72, and his performance was all things nostalgic and magical, to say the least.

Goa holds a special place in Lucky Ali’s heart, and he had this to say about being at TIMEOUT 72:

Q- What was it about TIMEOUT 72 that made you want to be a part of it?
A – It’s not just TIMEOUT 72 that brought me here, it’s Goa! *laughs* The people especially. Love the vibe, the sun, the beaches.

Lucky Ali is the son of popular Bollywood actor Mehmood Ali and his mother was Maheleka. Coming from a long lineage of famous actors, Lucky Ali’s step into the music industry was an unconventional one.

Q – Taking a step back in time, you come from a family of actors. But you wanted to be a musician. So what’s the story there?
A – There’s no story there as such. My Dad sang because he had a good voice. When he sang, he encouraged singing at home. There was a lot of hard rock and contemporary cinema. He would come home and play different music. So we were exposed to that and we kind of understood certain things about the way they spoke and how they worked. What I learnt was that, it was not wrong to make mistakes in your work; you can rectify it. So, even after your work is finished and done, it’s not yet finished and done.

Lucky Ali has been a celebrated performer and has enthralled his fans with hits since the late 90’s. Some of his popular hits include O Sanam, Ek Pal Ka Jeena, Na Tum Jaano Na Hum, Safarnama, Hairat, and more.

Q – When you have to prepare a set-list to perform for your fans at a show, how do you decide which songs to play?
A – Just vibes. I guess we just generally tune in together. We say a prayer before we get onto stage, always. And we connect, and we go on the stage so that we can connect with the people and spread the love that we feel inside us. We want to share it with everyone that is sharing and spreading their love just by being there! It’s a blessing!

Q – How does it feel to perform live in front of your fans, as opposed to singing and recording an album in the studio?
A – Both have their beautiful moments. Singing on stage takes you years to get comfortable with, because you make a lot of mistakes. Initially, I made a lot of mistakes, because I’m not really a stage person. When we get playing, I’m already conscious of myself at that time; conscious of the music, and our words, and where my feet are at that time. I disconnect from the crowd. I get into the track. When I’m feeling it, the whole band is feeling it.

Q – What are your plans for 2018?
AI’ll go home, get back to Bangalore. And I hope to visit Goa again in Feb, just about when this season is getting over. Take in some sun at that time maybe.

Q – Any songs/albums coming out?
A Yes, we always keep doing something or the other.

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