Don Diablo surely commemorated Day 3 at TIMEOUT 72 in style!

Hailing from Coeverden, Netherlands, Dutch DJ/ Producer/ Singer/ Songwriter, Don Diablo has always known how to get India raving to his beats. Ranked No. 11 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 List, Don Diablo is one of the greatest EDM DJ’s on the planet. Still reeling from the aftermath of a mind-blowing edition of TIMEOUT 72, many Indians are testament and witness to the prowess of Don Diablo.

Whooping out a killer set just ahead of closing act & headliner on Day 3, Martin Garrix, Don Diablo unleashed a storm with his music!

Ahead of his massive TIMEOUT 72 set, Don Diablo spoke to the Sherp about everything from his music to the feeling of performing at TIMEOUT 72, check it out:

Q- How does it feel to be at TIMEOUT 72, in India, in Goa?

A- Oh, it’s been way too long! Like, I literally begged my agent that I want to come back to India in 2017, before the year ends. So I’m really happy to be back. My Indian fans are so loyal, so sweet, so kind, so humble, and they’re always asking me – Hey, when are you coming back, on my Facebook, on my Twitter, on my Instagram. It’s really been important for me to be here.

Q- You started your career really early, and you got signed on at the age of 15. How important is it for artists to start early, and what are the struggles you had to face?

A- You know, I don’t really think it is important to start early. My breakthrough was like four years ago. I’m making music since I was 15. My big international breakthrough was I think 4 or 5 years ago. I think it’s just important to be really unique in everything you do. Not just the music, but in who you are as an artist in your spare time, in your videos, on social media. But mostly, like have your own style. Everybody’s already playing the big hits at the festival. You don’t want to hear other people’s hits, you want to hear music that comes straight from your heart; something that you believe, otherwise you’re just a jukebox!

Q- Is there any artist that you would love to collaborate with, who’s on the TIMEOUT 72 setlist?

A- Actually, I would love to make a record with Wiz Khalifa! I have a record that he would be perfect for.

Q- Any rituals that you perform before any performance?

A- One thing that I always do – I take out a chain and it actually has a hair from my father in it. So, I always kiss it, put it to my heart, I look up to the sky, towards heaven, and I walk upstage.

Q- You’re fresh out of making it into DJ Mag’s Top 20. What are some things that your fans can look out for in 2018?

A- Hopefully, I’ll make it into the Top 5 in the next year, with all the Indian fans backing me! Yeah, I’m mostly focused on the music. I’m dropping my first album in 6 years, it’s coming out in February. So, I’ve really been focused on making that music. It’s music, you know, it’s also music to listen to. So not just dance music, but just music with a message. I’m going to try out a new song today, “Everybody’s Somebody”.

I just like to make songs that kind of unify people. Just asking people to put their fucking hands up! I want to give sort of an emotional angle to everything that I do. My aim is not just to aim at the feet, I want to aim at the heart! So that’s coming in February – new clothing line, big drops around that time. I’m also working on a documentary, so hopefully it will finish by the end of 2018. It’s been 7 years in the making, so it’s been about the journey from the beginning to where we are now.

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