Back for its second edition this year, GAMMA Festival is unlike any other festival you’ve seen until now!

GAMMA Festival is a large scale avant-garde festival hosted in the industrial backset of St. Petersburg, Russia. 2016 marked the initial year of the launch of the festival and as hopes were held, GAMMA Festival was recognized as one of the most exciting Russian music festivals! Held in the experimental shipyard in St. Petersburg, GAMMA Festival is a journey through time enveloping you in post-industrial era nostalgia. This year GAMMA Festival hosts 85 modern musicians and artists from 15 countries at the shipyard from July 14th to 16th.


Check out the official aftermovie of last year’s edition below:

GAMMA Festival prides itself upon being one of the top music, art and new urban festivals in Russia. The festival creates a creative amalgam of the best of art, music and culture, to make for a truly unique experience. The music ranges from academic neoclassicism to house music to experimental to deep techno. Featuring 85 artists from 15 countries, GAMMA Festival includes the likes of Regis, Rrose, Terrence Fixmer, Vatcian Shadow, Xosar, Kettenkarussell, Ø [PHASE], Mike Parker, Dustin, Emptyset, Hannah Eperson, Jan Kalinek and Marco. Check out the entire lineup here.


GAMMA is held over a number of scenic and historic locations, one of them being the monumental Stepan Razin Brewery, the first Russian brewery founded in 1795. The factory that serves as the venue for 5 stages is to date protected as an industrial monument and is no longer operational. Of the many attractions that the festival is famous for, it also includes  a large-scale exhibition of media installations, street art, architecture, and recycled art created by artists as part of the Artification project. 

The setting of the festival does a lot to surprise and inspire as the designs of architects, Jurgens and Bohnstedt, recreate the 18th century industrial aura. The elaborate detailing in the arcades and shops, coexist with powerful Soviet Constructivism, making for a museum like atmosphere.


March 2017 marked the beginning of a specially curated art project, titled Artification”. The chief aim of the pilot project is to bridge the gap between young and experienced artists, and to foster developments in modern contemporary art and to unlock the potential of young Russian talents. The theme of the “Artifaction” project is ‘Transformation’ and received over 300 applications from artists who specialize in either form of art – media, public art, architecture, or recycled art. The best entries will be judged upon the following criteria – originality, relevancy, and feasibility; which will then be showcased at the GAMMA Festival, where attendees will witness an exciting large-scale exhibition featuring the greatest modern artists in Russia.

The GAMMA Festival takes off on July 14th to 16th at St.Petersburg, Russia. Tickets for the festival are limited at the moment, and can be purchased here.

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