One of the first things to catch your attention is that the quaint little festival of Indietracks takes place at Midland Railway Centre in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside!

As puzzling as that sounds, the festival indeed is a step away from alighting at the train station, covering what is a modest-sized venue for the benefit of its balanced turn out. A festival that is reflective of the quintessential English summer experience, with surprise showers in tow, caters to people of all ages alike, thereby becoming a family festival that countless people head to every July.

As the name suggests, the festival gathers some incredibly and criminally underrated independent acts to perform, so in the event you’re out scouting for some impeccable new music to listen to, Indietracks is your place to go.

Let The Sherp tell you why Indietracks would make for a great weekend option this 24th of July!

Their whimsical sets

Allow yourself a good ol’ throwback with Indietracks’ ‘stage’ selections. Forget the world of massive stage sets and over-the-top LED lights, as the Indietracks performances happen at any of the three ‘stages’. These include a train shed, an unused , restored church, and most time, inside the train itself. If that isn’t the most adorable festival fact you’ve read in a while, pray tell us, what is.


Their vibe

As the website states, the vibe of the festival is all-welcoming and all-inclusive. They have no place for any offensive degradation like racism and homophobia. For a festival to take a stand as clear as such is genuinely welcoming, and thus makes Indietracks a lot warmer than the average festival.




Their line-up

Indietracks meticulously picks up mellifluous independent artists thereby creating a festival that helps people truly maximise their listening base.


Here are The Sherp’s picks from the lot –

1. Cinerama

This British Indie pop band is the less conventional dream group of David Gedge, the frontman of the relatively more popular British group ‘The Wedding Present’. His wonderfully grungy voice makes for great accompaniment with the band’s sombre sound.

2. The Go! Team

Think garage rock, indie pop, alternative hip-hop and Bollywood soundtracks. Can you conceive anything in common? The Go! Team makes this inconceivable idea a reality as they bring together music that is as varied as mentioned above to create their own unique sound.

3. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

From whatever we understand of the resident vibe at Indietracks, a shoegaze band would fit in perfectly. Taking the mantle is the very popular The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. This young American band has amassed quite the cred in its eight years of formation, and is expected to be quite the draw at the festival.

4. The Wave Pictures

This trio offers rock music that stands to be as whimsical as their videos are. They’re unusual and often take the help of witty, obscure lyrics that work well with their retrogressive music arrangement. Pay due attention to their lyrics.

5. The Catenary Wires

The Catenary Wires, as the name suggests, would fit in perfectly at a festival taking place at a railway station. But this dream pop duo produce music that sees an underwhelmingly crooning tune, like dreamy country, if you will.

A festival compilation album

Remember the last time you walked away from the festival with a compilation album including all the performing artists? This uniquely simple idea is given great credence at Indietracks, where the festival’s compilation album is available for purchase, and the money goes for the upkeep of the hosting Midland Railway Centre. Plus, you won’t find yourself forgetting that certain artist you liked a lot.




(All images sourced: Indietracks Facebook)