Mumbai and Pune have a musical treat in store for them this month!

The Gig Week, an annual multi-venue Indie music festival, is set to takeover not one but two Indian cities! What’s fascinating about this festival is that it serves as a great platform for local talent, showcasing a handful of the most interesting artists across genres from all over India as well as around the world! Get your tickets here.

Credits: The Gig Week

Whether you’re an indie music fanatic or just a regular music lover, you will love these cutting-edge performers as well as their fresh and compelling new indie sounds.

According to Anubhav Gupta, Co-founder, The Gig week“All sorts of surprising musical preferences exist in the unlikeliest of candidates. And I completely believe they should!”

Co-Founder of the festival, Jubin Jacob also added, “The Gig Week for me, has always been about inspiring people to explore and experience different and newer music and interface with different artists from across the world. I believe that music is the strongest form of magic and the sixth edition of the festival comes with the same promise.”

Credits: The Gig Week

What’s unique about this festival is that over the course of a week, it travels across cities to a new venue every night! Each day features fresh new acts too!

The Gig Week will take over Pune on the 14th and 15th of January. With a variety of unique artists including Shibzoid, Zaeden, Kamakshi Khanna Collective, Chayan & Smiti and Prateek Kuhad; Gig Week offers music fans a dynamic mix of musical flavours.

With Chayan & Smiti’s beautiful harmonies and songs about life experiences; you’re sure to be all ears! Or maybe you’ll be captivated by the unique blend of minimal, folk arrangements and pop rock melodies with Prateek Kuhud’s complex take on life. Kamakshi Khanna Collective aims to make music that speaks to and stays with people. Surpassing all others in the genres of Dubstep, Drum n Bass & Glitch; Shibzoid can play not one but multiple instruments! From the guitar, keyboard, ukulele, metallophone, ocarina, bamboo saxophone, morchang, melodica, violin, kalimba to the bass puppon; this young artist is sure hopped up on talent! Then there’s Zaeden! Do we really need to say anything more about India’s most promising EDM producer? From a million hits on Youtube to reaching milestones like only he can; Zaeden is by far one of the most talented young Indian artists of today!

Credits: The Gig Week

After thrilling Pune music fans, the festival is all set to head to Mumbai from the 17th to the 21st of January, giving fans of the city a chance to witness some pure talent! Aarifah Rebello, Kamakshi Khanna Collective, Chayan & Smiti, UP7T, _RHL, The Last Skeptik, Sharvi, Soulmate, DJ Proof, Ritviz, Gumbal, The F16s and When Chai Met Toast are the performers who will take the stage and get the crowd on their feet!

We already heard about Chayan & Smiti and Kamakshi Khanna Collective, but have you discovered Soulmate? Determined to bring focus back to the blues genre, this Shillong band have been thrilling fans with their Blues, Blues-Rock, Soul, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Funk and R&B music since 2013! Chennai-based The F16s play alternative dance music borne out of their own frustration with a seemingly barren cityscape. The special acoustic live set up and incredible energy of Kochi-based When Chai Meets Toast, has earned them fans all over! For those of you who followed The Stage 2, you will be thrilled to know that the winner, Sharvi Yadav, will also feature as a main performer. Her powerful sound and jazzy tone will mesmerize you for sure! If a genre-defying electronic artist is more your scene then The Last Skeptik is just who you need to see. Straddling downtempo, house, techno, hip-hop, funk, trip-hop, electronica, ambient, drum and bass as well as pretty much every other sound inbetween; _RHL offers a unique music experience to the audience! Oh and last but not least, if all that’s still not enough, New Delhi-based bass music enthusiast, Ayush Arora a.k.a UP7T will showcase his bass skills with a mix of deep dubstep, grime, footwork, slow/fast and everything else in between!

Who would say no to a week-long indie takeover? Check out the full schedule below: