Between Years Slack Fest was dope!

This New Year proved to be an adventure for many adrenaline junkies as their 2016 turned into 2017 with camping, slacklining, highlining and high-hammock.


28th December to 1st January were the days of umpteen joy in Duke’s Nose, Lonavala! Fret not if you missed it, you will be informed well when the festival happens next. For now, dive into this video and see how the experience was for all of these phenomenal people!

All over the world, amidst the never-ending work schedules and office hours, there are some adventurers and finally those in India witnessed its first highlining carnival. Imagine being hundreds of feet off the ground and steadying yourself upon a webbing not broader than an inch or two. It’s like floating in the air, feeling totally weightless. Isn’t it?

At the festival, you got to camp under the stars, and listen to some incredible stories of fellow junkies and professionals. This was a one-of-a-kind opportunity but we hope this festival continues to bring more adventure fests so that we can  motivate ourselves and our wills to go on this monotonous world.