The Indian tabla player won as part of an ensemble crew for Yo-Yo Ma!

While we were too busy being mesmerised by Beyonce’s performance at the 59th Grammy Awards, one monumental win for the Indian country was completely overshadowed.

The World Music Category was a part of the winning list at the annual music award night and Yo-Yo Ma’s group of artists, Silk Road Ensemble, took the Grammy home for Best World Music Album for their album ‘Sing Me Home’. This talented group included Indian tabla player Sandeep Das who has been a part of the group since 2000 and has been nominated in the same category twice in the past.


The Silk Road Emsemble is a group of musicians from different cultures and backgrounds who come together to compost tunes for the album. Das spoke to Hindustan Times about the win stating, “When things like this happen, it impacts us directly because a lot of us come from a lot of those countries. In the current situation, I think we’ll keep playing more music and sharing more love.”

Famous Indian singer Shubha Mudgal too congratulated the man on his win:

It’s a win for music as well as India with this award!