The Indian Music Experience Trust will open a one of a kind music museum in Bangalore sometime later this year!

In a heart-warming community meets organisational project, that was started off by the Indian Music Experience Trust along with the Brigade Group, the Centre for Indian Music Experience, will be the first music museum experience in India. The community comprises of musicians and experts such as Manasi Prasad, a Carnatic vocalist who is also the head of the project, and Dr Pappu Venugopala Rao, a renowned musicologist.


While the idea of a music museum isn’t entirely new, it will be a brand new experience for India. Created around the Museum of Pop Culture, which is also known as the Experience Music Project, in Seattle, Bangalore’s Centre for Indian Music Experience looks to combine a novelty idea with traditional values to create a unique music educational experience in India. The centre includes a wide range of musical forms from India, including classical, contemporary, and regional forms. 

The Centre for Indian Music Experience will break the traditional norms of museums where the audience is only allowed to view from a distance, and give a more hands on experience to the people visiting it. The museum will be divided into three major parts that will feature unique music installations, experiential activities, and classes. 

The sound garden around the main building is an experience to have– with eleven installations that invoke a unique educational experience. The Humming Stone is one such piece that creates musical sounds when you stick your head in it and hum. The entire campus oozes some form of musical creation, with even railings and xylophones for you to let out the inner Bach! All the installations are created from natural materials. 


Inside the museum there are eight galleries that are focused on different themes. Storyboards and instruments will take you on an evolutionary journey portraying the development of music forms from classical to contemporary to indie rock. In tandem with their hands-on experience USP, the museum has a number of interactive music studios and mixing consoles that are at the disposal of the visitors.

A functional Learning Centre in the museum gives out music education programs that conduct classes as well. At the moment the classes are open to children, but the future will see adults flocking in and even students coming in for a diploma course.


The Centre for Indian Music Experience will open its doors in Bangalore, sometime in June this year. The unique museum experience will see a number of music enthusiasts and art appreciators alike flocking to the museum when it opens. Slated to open sometime in June, we just can’t wait to check this place out!

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