An artist community by the artist for the artists, Dasta is the community every electronic producer in India needs.

Started in 2016, by performers, Sandunes, OX7GEN, Oceantied, Zokhuma, Kumail and Tarqeeb, “Dasta” is an initiative to create a community that nurtures and builds new and upcoming artists in the electronic music scene in India. Acting on a prolonged issue in the country, where artists face a lot of problems managing their musical careers with inadequate representation, “Dasta” was created by the six founders as a way to solve this crisis and to promote better talent in India, specifically for electronic music producers. 


“The idea for DASTA came about one weekend when the six of us (core founding members mentioned above) were playing in each other’s cities and (we) had the chance to hang out after the shows. Coincidentally, our conversations converged on the topic of feeling the need for a support system. We are all solo artists/DJs who used to, (and some still do!) play in bands, and the camaraderie there is very empowering. There was a need to mindfully come together to share knowledge, resources, have each other’s back and feel like you were part of something bigger than your individual endeavor. The following week, one long Skype call later, DASTA was born”, explains Aditya Ashok (aka OX7GEN).


The creative process and idea behind Dasta is to connect with music makers and encourage them to create music with the one clear dictum in mind- “Power in Limitation”. The first fruits of this effort is out for the entire world to hear. The collective is titled ‘SSP Vol 1’ and was created with the additional deadline of completing the entire project within a week and with limited resources. If the process places any question about ethics in your mind, just listen to the collective below and judge for yourself.

With events like Producer Circles, and CO:Labs, “DASTA” is transforming the thinking behind music making and creating a new soundscape where more artists get inspired through the programmes conducted by them. Dasta is in the process of coming out with new projects and programmes that test the artist and we just can’t wait to see what they spin out this time.

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