Couldn’t snag a ticket to Tomorrowland (Belgium)? Fret not, Tomorrowland Brasil is the perfect alternative to anyone thirsting for that true Tomorrowland experience. From the price of the tickets to expenses, the festival will cost almost exactly the same. Here’s The Sherp’s budget estimate!

Tomorrowland Belgium is all over the news but its sibling festival in Brazil is actually looking quite promising. Organizers, in a strange move, just revealed the complete lineup in one go and we have to say we are impressed. Featuring a lot of the same artists and then some, Tomorrowland Brasil could very well be an equal replacement to its Belgian counterpart. As you can see below, a lot of the Belgian lineup will also be making an appearance in Brazil and we’re sure more will co-relate as and when the Belgian lineup gets updated. So if you had the FOMO on the Tomorrowland experience, head on over to Brazil for some sun and fun!


1. One of the most important steps is checking ticket availability and getting them ASAP. Luckily unlike Belgium, Brazil still has tickets on sale right HERE on their official website.

The three day festival sells both season passes and individual day passes but considering the distance you will travel, day passes seem kind of pointless. A Full Madness (Regular) ticket will set you back by $419 which is approx INR 28,000/- while a Full Madness (Comfort VIP) pass should cost you $889 which translates to almost double the amount INR 60,000/-. VIP pass holders get exclusive access to express entry, relaxation areas, dedicated staff, private toilets and finger foods.


(Courtesy : Facebook/Tomorrowland Brasil)

2. Figuring out your accommodation is crucial to having a good festival experience and also takes up a major chunk of your budget so here are some options.

The ticket entitles you to festival access for all three days but no access to Dreamville. If you plan to camp, the Magnificent Greens, which allows you to pitch your own tent at $80 per person is great for locals but not viable for foreigners. Amongst the other camping options, the most affordable would be the Easy Tent (inclusive of Full Madness passes) which costs $1,518 (2 person) approx INR 100,000/- and $2,776 (4 person) approx INR 190,000 for five days of camping. This gives you access to The Gathering, The Marketplace and all DreamVille facilities along with the basic necessities such as sleeping bags, air mattresses and cosy lights.

If you’ve got your eyes on those Comfort VIP tickets, the package will cost you $2,458 (2 person) approx INR 165,000/- or $4,656 approx INR 310,000/-. For those looking for some premium camping options i.e. the Dreamlodge and the Cabanas, head on over HERE for more details.


(Courtesy : Facebook/Tomorrowland Brasil)

3. If you find the camping options too expensive, or you just don’t feel like camping, there are several local options in the city.

You can set up base at any of the several hotels in the area or if you’re travelling solo and feeling a little adventurous, you can put up at a youth/backpackers hostel. Double occupancy hotel rooms can cost you as low as INR 5000/- and upto INR 10,000/- per night on an average in Itu, Sao Paulo. You can also check out 3/4/5 Star Hotel packages from Tomorrowland Brasil right HERE. The final cost should end up equal to or even cheaper than the camping options, with much more comfort.

tomorrowland bradil1

4. Good deals are available on flights right now so you should probably head on over and book them right away.

The cost of travelling from Mumbai (BOM) to Guarulhos Airport (GRU) varies depending on dates. For eg; if you leave on April 19 and return on April 25, the return trip should cost you about INR 60,000/- but it may go upto 80,000/- or more if you delay your bookings, so hurry! Considering that Brazil is almost double the distance compared to Belgium from Mumbai, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Also since Guarulhos Airport (GRU) is over a 100km away from the venue, you will probably need to get yourself a cab to your hotel as there’s no public transport available in that direction. Tomorrowland Brasil will also probably provide a shuttle service, as they have before, from the airport to the venue for around INR 1500/- which could also be a good option.


5. Now that we’ve got the tickets, the stay and the transport out of the way, we move on to the most important part of all FOOD!

Outside food is not allowed inside the venue (except inside Dreamville) so you’ll have to spend a bit to get coupons to use inside. A can of beer should cost you around $3 (approx INR 200/-) according to previous year’s rates. Though we can’t find more details, the good people of Reddit have given us an approximate rate of $250 which is approximately INR 17,000/- for the entire festival.


6. Heading to another country = sightseeing and cliched touristy pictures!

Definitely check out the local beauty of Brazil, monuments like the Christ The Redeemer statue, the beaches or the Iguazu Falls. Brazil is an entirely different experience from any of the European destinations, so head there with an open mind. There are also several paleontological museums amongst various other cultural and historic monuments and sights.

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7. Final round up.

The total cost for a Tomorrowland Brasil trip should cost you INR 28,000/- (Full Madness Regular) + 25,000/- (5 nights hotel) + 60,000/- (Return Flight) + 20,000/- (Food inside and outside the festival) = 1,33,000. Be sure to factor in other costs such as visa, miscellaneous expenses, sightseeing, local transport etc. before you go. The Sherp wishes you a happy and safe journey!


(Courtesy : Facebook/Tomorrowland Brasil)