If the images pouring in are anything to go by, then Eden Art Fest was the monolith of coolth on November 14 and 15. 

Featuring an assorted line of diverse, and unique musicians dabbling in experimental electronic sound, armed with contemporary fashion, handmade pieces of brilliance, yoga sessions of the radical kind, and gourmet food, Eden Art Fest was a blend of some of the finest things known to Mumbai’s lifestyle.

The two day festival went down as a space of funk and party and The Sherp chronicles the best pictorial takeaways from it!

1. Eden Art Fest brought in the cool crop of Mumbai, the kind open to eclectic art as we know it! 

2. The festival was the hub of experimental dance sound, as it was the hub of modern, avant-garde fashion!


3. Speaking of Fashion, Eden fans were as diverse as the music they were all set to experiment!


4. And as funky!


5. The diversified curation of music and art ensured that Eden Art Fest was an absolute winner, from the word go!


6. And the happiness had by the people in attendance was more than evident!


7. The plucky audience made sure Eden was every bit unique!


8. And they managed to keep the energy of the festival at an insurmountable high!


9. Despite keeping their swagger on fleek! 


10. Rocking their moves, floral shirts and style with pizzazz. 


11. It was the cool festival for enthusiasts, and boy were there many! 


12. Making Eden quite the close knit dance party it was set to be!


(Image source: Paolo Regis | Eden Festival Facebook)