Oktoberfest is not just a showcase of Germany’s love for beer, but is quite easily the biggest celebration of the popular ale in the world!

Beer-guzzling aficionados all headed to Munich for the 17-day festival; a fusion of different varieties of beer, Bovarian costume parades and parties all around, for the world’s biggest celebration of its favourite drink. If you’re one of those people who believes in the all-healing power of beer for any occasion, the images from the 2015 edition of Oktoberfest will have thirsting for one in no time!

1. Oktoberfest is an annual celebration of beer, and funfair, that, due to its popularity, has managed to travel around the world! Quite easily the largest gathering witnessed in Munich, as beer lovers come together in revelry from around the world!

Sven Hoppe AP(Source: Sven Hoppe / AP)

2. The celebration began with the historical Bavarian parade, where people paraded the streets of Munich in traditional Bavarian costume!

3. Where Germans and people from over the country and the world gathering in a walk celebrating the historical fair! It was traditional German culture at its brightest –

4. Of course, we know why they all assembled there, really. 

5. And you can be sure, almost every documentation of Oktoberfest is overpowered with the abundant presence of beer!

6. Even Olympic Winner, Usain Bolt couldn’t stop himself from the experience!

Matt Winter Splash News(Source: Matt Winter / Splash News)

7. And even Bayern Munich players couldn’t stop themselves from indulging!

Arturo Vidal and girlfriend Maria Teresa Matus - Paulaner Sampics EPAArturo Vidal and girlfriend Maria Teresa Matus (Source: Paulaner Sampics / EPA)

8. Even Ashton Kuther and Mila Kunis ensured the ideal start to October by being at the festival!

e-online(Source: e-online.com)

9. From reaching out to finally attainable authentic beer!

10. And even though there were delectable food items on offering

11. And some great carnival rides!

12. Seriously, gorgeous kinds carnival times, making way for the best kind of atmosphere –

13. And love!

14. Why care when you have the offering of the best beer in the world?

15. There was only ever time for delicious, cold beer!

16. Here’s to a month of consuming the best drink in the world!