The first weekend of cruise festival Holy Ship concluded to an epic ending, with ahoy-ing madness, impeccable music and a whole lot of on-the-ship fun! 

With electronic festivals becoming absolute festival nomenclature, there is much to love about Holy Ship. Not only because it’s a festival gathering to literally take place on a ship, but it allows for a sun-kissed beach sailing adventure with music that you would definitely root for. The first weekend of Holy Ship ended to a dramatic close, that was every bit as satisfying as the experience itself.

The Sherp picks the best pictures that offer you a glimpse of everything that went down!

1. That Holy Ship, as eponymously named as it is, is a literal sailing electronic music adventure is known! 

(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

2. And who’d want to miss three days of absolute abandon that would take place on a ship? Clearly, not many. 

12357070_1121622884517201_5259090912404333467_o(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

3. Yes, a literal-effing-ship. 

12473584_1122134157799407_6032742981610581188_o(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

4. The festival is known for the wild crazy party it usually turns out to be –

(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

5. With fans extremely loyal, to not just the festival, but the Shipfam – the family they become a part of by attending Holy Ship!

12496262_1121613007851522_3148647124834568246_o(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

6. There is much love to be found, not just for the festival –

jamescoletta com(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

7. But also for each other!

Oh dag yo photography
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8. After all, Holy Ship is all about community love, expression and debauched enjoyment!

12493440_1121612941184862_6196037052294716877_o(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

9. With people channeling their inner love best! Whether it be for a plant they love

12466307_1121615654517924_2472222490826480422_o(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

10. Or an animal they really love

glenjamn(Source: Glenjamn)

11. With multiple animal lovers to boot!

12401711_1121616051184551_8164302048743446431_o(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

12. Or the festival of Halloween they do dearly miss

glenjamn 2
(Source: Glenjamn)

13. While some others channeled their inner quirk with adorable results!

glenjamn 3(Source: Glenjamn)

14. Some others got their priorities straight!

12401666_1123028541043302_7220048194693230787_o(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

15. Some others flaunted their fandom affiliations!

glenjamn 4(Source: Glenjamn)

16. But it was love for Holy Ship that rung loud and true. 

glenjamn 5(Source: Glenjamn)

17. As was, letting it go for an experience not the least bit judged or controlled!

(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

18. Everybody was there to have a good time, and a good time was had!

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19. All who were there cannot stop fawning over how good the music really was!

12491880_1122130431133113_6548383740956249474_o(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

20. Don’t ask us, ’cause we’d rather be raving on a ship too!

12496467_1122133591132797_2393082336573461254_o(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

21. Surrounded by a family whose energy is as infectious as is never-ending, the festival was an experience for the times!

(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)

22. Here’s to Holy Ship and the Shipfam, the best there is!

12473737_1123402344339255_8726275371388574931_o(Source: Holy Ship Facebook)