Sunburn’s Mumbai and Noida editions turned out to be a major hit, with the likes of Krewella, Cazzette and W&W headlining both cities. 

This past weekend, Sunburn brought down 3 of electronic music’s most popular names to Mumbai and Noida. Kicking off with Swedish stars Cazzette, the night was set ablaze by an electrifying performance by Krewella. The sisters put on an energetic display which threw the crowd into a frenzy as their signature electro dubstep took over the venue and kept audiences hooked on to the stage for closing act W&W. The Dutchmen didn’t disappoint as they delivered an outstanding set featuring some of their tracks which escalated them into fame over the past year.


 Sunburn Mumbai – 

1. Krewella in their moment

Krewella Mumbai

 2. The epic cuboid stage

Mumbai cuboid stage

 3. Keeping the energy up

Krewella Mumbai

 4. W&W played their own version of ‘Strobe’ and the crowd loved it

w&w mumbai


Sunburn Mumbai1

 6. Cazette taking over

Cazette mumbai

 (All Images Courtesy :Ridhiin Pancchmatia Photography)

 Sunburn Noida –

7. Fancy a rickshaw ride?

sunburn noida cazette1(Image Courtesy : Aman Makkar)

8. Some aerial performers from the Natya Nectar Dance Company.

sunburn noida aerial dance(Image Courtesy: Rishabh Sood Pictures)

9. Me too, buddy

sunburn delhi(Image Courtesy : Rishabh Sood Pictures)

10. Krewella was the obvious favourite at Noida

sunburn noida(Image Courtesy : Aman Makkar)

11. The energy was palpable!

sunburn noida crowd1(Image Courtesy: Rishabh Sood Pictures)

12. Lighting up the night in the best way possible

lights(Image Courtesy : Aman Makkar)