Celebrated quite elaborately in Mexico, Spanish speaking countries and even USA, Dias De Los Muertos is a three- day commemoration of the dead ancestors and relatives begins on October 31 and ends on All Souls’ Day, November 2.

It must be noted that Dias De Los Muertos is a happy celebration of the dead, unlike Halloween where the spirits are supposedly volatile and angry, even though the two festivals coincide . Families construct altars in their homes decorated by flowers and pictures of their loved ones who have passed. They place the deceased’s favourite food and drink around the altar and even leave a basin and towel, for the spirit to use before tucking into its treats. Apart from treating the dead like royalty, families often travel to graveyards to decorate loved one’s gravestones and host picnics in celebration.

Modern activities during this festival include making skull shaped candy and face-painting, both of which have become extremely popular traditions. 

Every year, people get more creative with their efforts. Here are some of the best painted faces and candy we found on instagram


1. Hey, dude. Blue is a good colour on you


2. The roses are a lovely touch


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3. His and Hers


4. The  tribal element really stands out


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5. As authentic as it gets


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 6. Hangin’ out with a bunch of dead people. Seems legit.



 7.Papier-mâché sugar skulls. Mhmm.





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 10.’Till death do us part’




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12.  Cute little skull macaroons





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( Cover image via : diadelosmuertosmask.tumblr.com)