This gorgeous festival is the unusual amalgamation of electronic music and gemstones. 

Valentine’s weekend in Arizona was a glittery and shiny affair, with the Gem & Jam Festival celebrating its 10th anniversary, a celebration that included great music, artists, performers, gemstone merchants selling some of the most ethereal precious gems out there.

The music line-up was more than amazing, with the likes of Beats Antique, Lettuce, The Polish Ambassador, Tycho, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Michal Menert, Eliot Lipp, Desert Dwellers, Dirtwire, Govinda, Delhi 2 Dublin. Live artists and installations added to the fest’s picturesque vibe, fire- dancing added to the palpable energy and gemstones shimmered and reflected happy and creative faces.

1. Gem and Jam Festival, has a mystical and vibrant vibe to it.

While the festival hosts great music, it is also accompanied by a splendorous gem show, showcasing rare and delightful gemstones and their various crystalline cuts. Originally, the festival started as an after-party of the gem show, which over the years has taken shape into a fantastic celebration of art, music and culture.

gem and jam 2016 by dreamer visions

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2. From fire dancing to hula-hooping, Gem and Jam had everything.


3. So much gorgeousness to choose from!

The three week long gemstone and mineral extravaganza attracted over 55000 people from all over the world. Most of the people visiting are retailers and jewellers themselves, or people who just believe and study the energy-channeling properties of the various gems.

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4. The art at the festival is a force to reckon with, or be in awe of.

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5. Artists and attendees alike, come dressed in their colourful best. Peace, love and vibes!


6. “Artist Chris Dyer doing what he does best.”


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7. Gem enthusiasts and jewellers, revel in the various rare precious and semi-precious stones the gem show has to offer. 


8. And of course, attendees and punters got up to some weird shit.