The actor/DJ will get the crowd pumped up in a Sydney nightclub tomorrow

The British actor, who is currently in Australia shooting for Thor: Ragnarok, will be hitting Sydney’s Goodbar club on the 29th of September. He’ll begin his set at the Oxford Street club at 8 pm in the Underground section along with other performers like Nicky Night Time and Handles.

Idris is not a newbie when it comes to music. He has previously performed as a professional DJ since the 1990s under the name Big Driis and has performed at Glastonbury in the past. We were shocked to hear this too! He has also sung on a few tracks like Macklemore’s “Dance Off”. Can this guy get anymore talented?

(Credits: giphy)

Although he focuses on acting more these days, he is known to give surprise performances at clubs in Los Angeles and Ibiza. His favourite happens to be L.A’s Low End Theory, which he frequently visits. His music history also includes a four track EP “Big Man” in 2006 and a South African inspired album after portraying Nelson Mandela in a movie. He has also directed and stared in Mumford and Sons’ “Lover Of The Light” music video.

We don’t know about you, but this is an opportunity we are missing and its heartbreaking. How often can you say you saw the perfect candidate for James Bond/part time Demi-God/all around handsome human being perform live? Umm, never. And it’s a free entry! Time to get rolling.