England is a beautiful place to visit, but if you only have a short time to see as much as possible, we have highlighted some of our favourite things to do. Our (non-exhaustive) list covers a wide range of interests, from the creepy and slightly unnerving, to the downright stunning and awe-inspiring. We hope this helps with your planning!

  1. Stonehenge

The iconic standing stones of Stonehenge are recognised the world over, but nothing can prepare you for the sheer strength of seeing them ‘in the flesh’, so to speak. Located in the south west of the country, on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, has been a World Heritage Site since 1986, and is believed to have been a burial place from as early as 3000BC.

  • Glastonbury Festival

The first Glastonbury Festival took place in 1970, was attended by 1500 who all paid £1 (including free farm milk) to watch the likes of Marc Bolan, Al Stewart and The Kinks. Today, over 200,000 people will be paying £335 (if they are lucky) through a ballot system to spend four days exploring what has grown to be the size of a small town.

  • Jack the Ripper Tour

A foggy autumnal trip to London screams out for classic Halloween tours showcasing the most gruesome aspects of the city, and no serial killer has exerted more fear and terror on the streets of London than Jack the Ripper. This tour will take you through the streets and alleyways where Jack the Ripper carried out his gruesome and grisly murders, using actors to recreate the terror felt by his victims.

  • Coronation Street and Emmerdale sets visits

Coronation Street and Emmerdale are tow of the longest running soap operas not just in the UK, but worldwide. These truly iconic TV programmes have become staple fodder in households across the world week in week out. Not only do you get an opportunity to meet the stars of the soaps themselves (if you’re lucky!), but you can also see the sets, visit familiar places such as the Rovers Return and the Woolpack, and learn some of the behind the scenes secrets.

  • Thermal springs Bath

Combine a trip to the Unesco World Heritage city of Bath, known for its unique and stunning architecture, and combine it with a day at its world famous Thermae Spa. Bath has always been a place of pilgrimage for its famous healing spa waters, up until 1978, when they were closed off after a girl who had swam in them dies of a meningitis related illness contracted in the waters. The Thermae Spa is a £40 million redevelopment that has been open since August 2006.

  • Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle

No visit to England can be complete without exploring the principal of residence of King Charles III and his family. While Buckingham Palace in central London is the main home for the monarch, his late mother Queen Elizabeth II had a real affection for Windsor Castle, located just 40 miles outside of the city. The Prince and Princess of Wales have since taken up residence in a property in the grounds of Windsor Castle, and can often be seen taking their children to and from school.

  • Lake District

If you need to get away from the busy streets and crowded places, the Lake District can offer you that room to breathe and walk away any stresses and strains in the most stunning of landscape. Located in the North West of the country, the Lake District offers 2362 square kilometres of mountains and lakes which are crying out to be explored.